Wrestle Review: Super Early
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/05/2018 at 11:48 PM

WWE Super Showdown starts a bit too early for me. I'll be catching the replay later. Let's go through the show.

Cedric Alexander will defend the cruiserweight championship against Buddy Murphy. I'll pick Alexander to retain. Asuka and Naomi facing the Iconics is a precursor, I think, to the women's tag championships that are coming sometime in the future. I pick Asuka and Naomi. I really like that pairing.

Earlier this week, the question was posed to me as to whether I see a championship changing hands in Melbourne. I do. I believe that the Bar will dethrone the New Day for the Smackdown tag championships. Perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

Daniel Bryan vs Miz should be as amazing as it always is. This is for a future WWE Championship shot and, honestly, I don't see Bryan winning here. Miz picks up the win in a very good match. A returning(again) John Cena and Bobby Lashley will beat Elias and Kevin Owens. It's funny how they can throw a match together between three guys and a guy who hasn't had a match in months. Then again, the main event IS between a couple of part-timers so..... By the way, Cena is picking up the pin here. Why? Because WWE likes to bury talent.

Becky Lynch needs to retain the Smackdown women's title against Charlotte. I know they want Becky to be the heel but it's not going down like that, Vince. Stone Cold Becky Lynch gets the win and, hopefully, a new challenger.

Ronday Rousey and the Bella's vs the Riott Squad is where I see a turn. One of or both of the Bella's will turn on Ronda. Of course, we said this was going to happen with Nattie. It's the Bella's, though. They're pretty much made to be heels. People already don't like Nikki. Of course that's because she was with Cena, who everyone hates. I digress. A Bella turn will lead to a Riott.

If Samoa Joe doesn't win the WWE Championship in Australia, it'd be a shame. Nothing against Styles but I believe a heel champion is what that brand needs. AJ has been a great champion. It's time, however, to give Joe the gold. I'm just surprised his new music isn't "OHHH WENDY"! Or maybe "daddy's home".

The Shield vs Braun, Dolph and Drew will be a car crash. Dolph, Drew and Braun likely pick up the win. This might finally be the place where Dean Ambrose turns heel. They've done a very good job at setting it up. I loved when they had Dolph and Drew egging this on. This past Monday, when Corbin gave Dean his chance and afterwards when Dean told Seth he could've been Intercontinental Champion.....oh man! It's coming very soon. Tomorrow could be the time.

Don't you just love when WWE tacks "Last Time Ever" on a match and it happens a few more times? That's pretty much how I feel about Triple H and Undertaker. I'm not really excited about this at all. Teenage Andy loves this match. Teenage Andy DID love this match. That's how long these two have been fighting. You know this will be on the up and up, though. There's going to be a mayor ringside. It's on par to "how many times can Shawn Michaels retire"? By the way, he's in Trips corner and Kane is in Taker's so it's safe to say we're getting DX vs Brother's of Destruction soon after this. I'm sensing a double DQ in this match. Or at least something that's sets up that sweet '90's tag match everyone has been clamoring to see 22 years later. Again: I like sleep. Therefore, I'll watch this later.

Impact continued the setup for Bound For Glory. They also put Allie in a casket. I don't know when the payoff for this angle will finally be but I'm actually here for it. Johnny Impact will certainly lose to Austin Aries. Impact has been having some solid build-up, some really good episodes lately.

Is WWE still having Evolution? I only ask because it gets no build on Raw or Smackdown. I also heard ticket sales aren't that great, which surprises me a little. You know what WWE needs? Someone who actually cares about the women's division and not just pays lip service. I suppose I could say the same about the cruiserweight division.

One division that is on fire for WWE is NXT. Hard to believe, after binging the past few weeks in a couple of days, that NXT is under the same company as Raw and SmackDown. It's painfully clear to see what's the better show. They have so much good talent. Too bad it'll just get ruined on the main roster. Don't believe me? Ask Sanity, Tye Dillinger, Neville, so many more. Alright, time to get off my rant. My internet has been poor the past week so I guess I should end this before it locks up again. Enjoy Super Showdown. If anyone actually gets up to watch this live, let me know, Personally, I'll be in deeps sleep at that time. Sleep over wrestling. That's just the way it goes.

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