An Unpopular Opinion But... #3
Submitted by Tom O'Hare on 09/30/2018 at 12:03 PM

Shawn Michaels should stay retired.

In this week’s write up let’s explore the reasons why a return to the ring is not as enticing to this writer as it is to many other grappling fans the world over.

Shawn Michaels is, for my pound coin, the greatest in ring performer of his or any other generation. His charisma, psychology, timing & talent most of all are (or were) obvious to anybody who ever watched any of his work. It seems then fitting that the Showstopper would receive his swan song in the main event of WWE’s marquee pay-per-view; Wrestlemania.

Rather appropriately this is where many of HBK’s premier performances would come. Matches against Razor Ramon, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle & of course the dual contests with the Undertaker were some of the finest contests that I & many others have ever seen & are likely to ever see.

This then begs me to ask the question; What more is there for Shawn Michaels to attain in a business where he has already achieved so much? My answer, perhaps to the disagreement of those reading this, is nothing.

A Wrestlemania main event (& a damn good one at that) against the Undertaker, arguably his most prominent foe throughout his WWE tenure, is a neatly written final sentence to a highly acclaimed career.

As of this writing the rumour sweeping the internet is that the man in question will be teaming with long time associate Triple H to pit their wits against the Brothers of Destruction, (individually known as the Undertaker & Kane of course) in Saudi Arabia at the entitled Crown Jewel.

With all that Mr Wrestlemania has already achieved & seemingly closing the book on his in ring days, is this enormously necessary? A fortnight ago I wrote my first column for NoDQ where I discussed how the upcoming Undertaker -Triple H match was not something I felt hugely in favour of. This match, it would appear, is to set up the aforementioned tag team match if hearsay is to be taken as a matter of fact.

People often say that WWE & regular television dramas are worlds apart in presentation & their effect. While that is another argument for another day, there is many an occasion where a character from such a show will be written of screen much to the delight or chagrin of the viewing audience. There is though, a feeling of finality when this happens & this principle I believe is the same for the Heart Break Kid.

Yes, he could wrestle again & yes we as fans could lap it up but what does anybody not named Vince McMahon gain as a result?

For Shawn Michaels it’s very much a case of been there, done that & got the t-shirt with writing on the front that reads;

“The greatest professional wrestler in the history of this life time”.

My name is Tom O’Hare & this has been my unpopular opinion. Thank you for reading.

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