Misogyny in the WWE
Submitted by Steven Luke on 09/29/2018 at 01:32 AM

Last Friday I released an opinion article about my preference of the current era of female wrestlers over the previous era, commonly known as the Diva Era because of the name of the division at the time, and the internet blew up at me. It was implied by many that I was a misogynist. People quoted the word “evolution” to me and said of course a man wrote this article. So in response I’d like to define “misogyny.”

According to misogyny is described as “hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women.”

The key word in there is “women” as in all women. Sure, to some it may have come off that I do not like the Bellas, or the Divas division before them, but that’s not the case. They were good during their time, I just happen to believe that their time has come and gone and the new era should be showcased.

If you want to see real misogyny you don’t have to look far, though. Just look at the WWE’s agreement with Saudi Arabia to do giant pay per view quality shows in their country without the inclusion of women. That is prejudice against women.
Where’s the outrage?

Where are the tweets from Carmella and Paige?

Why don’t the Bellas tweet out the definition of misogyny?

The answer is no one wants to rock the boat that is the WWE. Yet, when Dave Meltzer makes a comment that is sexist, the women of the roster and even the men of the roster took to twitter. Why? Well, because it was a horrible comment that never should have been made, but because attacking what people outside of the WWE are doing is easy.

You know what else is misogyny? Look no further than Brie Bella on Raw this week performing the “yes kicks” in the ring. No, I’m not referring to the fact that she knocked Liv Morgan out, but the fact that Brie was an established wrestler with an established move set but now that she’s married to Daniel Bryan she uses more of his move-set.

Brie is not alone. Maryse, a two-time Divas Champion, has added to her move set moves from her husband the Miz.

Yes, you can argue that now that they are married, they train together and have picked up on each other’s moves, but how often do the male wrestlers pull off the signatures of the women they are coupled with?

Have you seen Jimmy Uso pull off Naomi’s split legged moonsault?

Did John Cena perform the TKO variation that Nikki Bella uses when they were dating and engaged?

No. Not because the male athletes are not athletic enough or strong enough to pull off their significant others’ moves, but because there is a double standard. Women are expected to use the moves of their significant others and the men can get by on their own because they’re deemed more important.

Those are not measurable factors. For a real display of misogyny in the WWE, look at a regular argument in the world of sports and entertainment, the wage gap between men and women.

To measure the wage gap, I looked at figures across four different articles from four different sites. All had the same or similar figures for each star. Due to ease of readability, I used the figures from the website I entered the salaries into a spreadsheet and came up with the average salary for men and women. Much like the salaries of women in the WNBA and USA Soccer, I found that female WWE athletes are paid far less than their male counterparts.

The average salary for men in the WWE is approximately $1.26 million compared to $290 thousand for women. That’s a gap of approximately $940 thousand.

That’s such a large gap that only one woman on the WWE roster makes more than the disparity, and that is Rhonda Rousey who made her name in the UFC first.

So when you look at my article and think that I hate women, take a better look and realize that I actually want what’s best for them. The women of Evolution deserve a chance to showcase their abilities and increase their value instead of having previous wrestlers come back and take that opportunity away from them.
I’m not the villain in this story, the continued misogyny is.

Writers note: This article has been corrected. I was notified that a reddit user found a mistake in my math. A 0 was missed on one of the salaries of the women inflating the wage gap. The actual wage gap has been corrected to $940 thousand from $1.23 million. This is a large mistake on my part and I take full blame, but this is still too large of a wage gap in my view and does not change the article in anyway.

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