Wrestle Review: What they should do
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/28/2018 at 11:39 PM

WWE needs to promote Evolution a lot more. And I'm not talking about the group Evolution being at Smackdown 1,000. Dean Ambrose is so close to turning on Rollins and Reigns. You could tell just by looking at him this past Monday. I just wonder when it takes place?

I'm liking that WWE seems to be giving Aiden English a run. Granted, it might just be the current angle and a series of matches against Rusev, then they get pushed to the back or worse. I still like that he's getting time, though. He's good on the mic.

I like Taya Valkyrie vs Tessa Blanchard at Bound for Glory for the knockouts title. I do wonder if Alie is going to figure in later. Wouldn't it be cool to see husband and wife world champions after BFG(Johnny and Taya)? I don't think it'll happen, however, for either of them.

The coming weeks should be (hopefully)interesting for all promotions. I must confess, however, wrestling has been hit and miss with me this week. That happens occasionally, obviously. Much like any other episodic program, they can't all be winners. Hey, that's what WWE Network is for, right? Whenever you're wanting for the way thing used to be, a classic match, show or pay-per-view, you can always put on the WWE Network.
This week, WWE should promote Evolution more-they won't. They should further the Styles-Joe story-they will. Renee Young should continue with her stellar commentary(my opinion). Her and Graves make a good duo. Oh, and Cole is there, too. What Impact needs to do is simple: continue their build to Bound For Glory.

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