The X-Factor: Defending Nikki and Brie
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 09/27/2018 at 03:45 AM

Update: I originally titled this "In defense of the Bella twins", but then I noticed another Opinion page had the same one.

When I look at the fandom that is the smart fan, I often find myself drawing comparisons to another fanbase.

You might be aware of the polarizing reaction towards Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I wonít say what issues I had with it, but those who were angry felt as such for one key reason: it wasnít their movie. It came out differently than they envisioned in their heads and suddenly itís the worst.

Same with you wrestling fanboys.

Thereís things I want from WWE right now: I want John Cena to be full-time again; I want the fans to get over the deep-seated resentment for Roman Reigns theyíve carried since January 2015; Iíd like to see certain women get more time and respect; and I would love for Stephanie McMahon to stay the hell off TV. At least, I want her to use her fatherís mantra of letting others get one over on her.

In short, the haters can be too salty for their own good.

They didnít waste a second slamming Brie Bella for Liv Morganís concussion. I will concede she needs work, but last time I checked, injury is a price of the business. Sting didnít hold a grudge against Seth Rollins. He knew what he was getting into.

Just before that, Rollins accidentally broke John Cenaís nose. A year later he ended Finn Balorís Universal title reign before it began. Shall I bring up Enzo Amoreís concussion? Steve Austin? The Rockís injury at WrestleMania 29?

These are the risks they take.

Who do you think youíre kidding? This hate Nikki and Brie get isnít about their perceived inability to wrestle. Their father-in-law is John Laurinaitis. Nikki was dating John Cena and Brie is married to the YES! man Daniel Bryan.

Shall we go ask Stephanie McMahon and Triple H how they feel about nepotism?

This is nothing new. Others have been fortunate Ė the Kliq Ė to reap the rewards from having friends in the right places. If Cena hadnít been dating Nikki, what then? AJ Leeís title record was gonna be broken anyway. Nikki just happened to be holding the Divas title when she retired.

As long as Kevin Dunn has a job and his misogyny is an issue, things arenít really gonna change. Itís not like the keyboard warriors are an improvement. One minute Paige is the forerunner of the Womenís Revolution and the next everyone calls her a slut. No one cared about nude photos when Seth Rollins cashed in at Leviís Stadium.

Another major issue is that The Bellas became famous during the Divasí era. You know who else was a Diva? Trish Stratus and Lita.

Theyíre coming back for Evolution. They're doing exactly what The Rock was criticized for: being a part-timer who's "stealing" someone else's spot. Go on, pounce on them.

You wanna know what I find kinda funny? She didnít sign a Brock Lesnar deal, but you would think so given how much Ronda Rousey has wrestled this year alone. Also, sheís won the Raw Womenís title in only her third PPV appearance even with others on the roster having been there for years.

You know why. Sheís mainstream. The Bellas get slammed for using their mainstream exposure to get ahead, and yet Ronda gets a pass.

Brie accidently gave Morgan a concussion and the smart fans swarmed her like nobodyís business. You only care about this kind of thing because itís the Bellas. You spent years slamming John Cena for anything because it was him. You refuse to admit Roman Reigns can do anything right. If that was Bayley who concussed Liv you wouldíve been far more kind.

You canít trash someone for one thing and give your internet darlings a pass for a similar transgression.

Go ahead. Tell me Iím wrong about any of this.

Donít mess with the X.

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