2 Count: House that AJ built needs a remodel?
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The Phenomenal One is approaching the *ONE YEAR* mark as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Is it time for AJ to drop the belt? - or does The Champ Who Runs the Camp deserve to keep carrying the flag? Bill Raw and Kev MacDown chime in:

Kev MacDown:
As much as I love how entertaining AJ Styles is as the champ I feel its time for him to drop the title. I know a ton of people are instantly writing me off now due to me saying that. Hear me out damnit.

AJ Styles is closing in on an impressive milestone, one that Iím sure WWE is hoping he eclipses Punk's reign. One that once he passes, he should drop the title to Joe. I know were outside of the age of Realism but out of everyone on the Smackdown roster... Joe would be the most believable to do it. I feel as though Smackdown would do well with having a new champ as it might bring some interest back. I mean AJ has barely retained the title twice now vs Joe, to not let Joe take it in the 3rd meeting would be criminal.
Iím not saying have AJ lose forever, but let him get knocked off the mountain top and fight his way back. I feel as though AJ is a renowned talent that can elevate anyone he is in a match against. By locking that title on him they take any and all drama out of it that it seems.

We all know how boring it was having Super Cena and the terror reign that was HHH for over a year on Raw. Plus letís face it, many superstars wonít ever get a shot at the title, so we wouldnít ever see them with AJ which is a shame because, something Ive learned from watching wrestling for years, you canít truly know how much chemistry two superstars have unless they actually get in the ring with each other. My other thinking is that is they can take the strap off AJ and keep it off him until Smackdown debuts on Fox, what would be a better ending to the beginning of a new age of televised WWE then having their biggest star on the show win the WWE Championship 1st episode.

Bill Raw:
AJ Styles does not need the WWE Championship- The WWE Championship needs AJ Styles. Month after month, we continue to see the WWE Championship relegated to the middle of the card, or even below, falling victim to the tremendous focus on the Womanís Division and various other angles and experiments creative is running. I say taking the title off Styles is hands down bad for not only business, but the declining legacy of the WWE Championship. Keeping it on him for even longer will only help maintain what legacy the title has left.

AJ Styles has been one of my favorite performers for some time- Iíll admit to not following the Independent/ROH/NJPW scenes as closely as I probably should have- yet I always made an effort to stay abreast of what the buzz was in the Indy scene- and that buzz almost always had AJ styles in it and has for years. He is an incredible performer who has been a fantastic fighting champion. AJ has the innate ability to make anyone shine in the ring- he can work with any big man- or cruiserweight and help make them look like a million bucks. Who else on the Smackdown roster has that ability and star power? The Miz? Randy Orton? Samoa Joe? (yes, I donít consider Daniel Bryan a main eventer any longer) Thatís about it- and it doesnít make sense for either of them given current creative directions.

With the winner of Daniel Bryanís next rendezvous with The Miz getting a future WWE title opportunity, itís hard to see WWE pushing a program with Samoa Joe and either of them- AJ simply adds that extra element to the angles he gets involved in- and would generate tons more buzz doing a program with Miz or Bryan. Hell- turning AJ heel after his program with Joe would make his run even more phenomenal.

So in the words of the almighty COO- ďWhatís Best For Business?Ē The Phenomenal One is Best For Business. The strap needs to stay with the soccer mom cut! Iím just sick and tired of these Championship titles getting tossed around for political reasons. Keep it storyline driven and about the talent. If the strap does come off AJ- they need to put a damn good angle behind it, because with every PPV that goes by, the WWE Championship means less and less to the fans.

What are your thoughts? Comment and let Bill Raw and Kev MacDown know below!

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