Two Count - WWE's Crown Jewels receiving negative criticism
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Two Count- WWE's Crown Jewels receiving negative criticism
Reigns and Rollins Snub Fans
September 23, 2018
Bill Raw & Kev Mac-

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are receiving a good amount of fan backlash due to a report about them shunning fans away after the WWE Hell in a Cell event at a Market in the surrounding area. Both Rollins and Reigns can be seen with very unpleasant looks on their faces, and were captured by a very angry Twitter user named Veronica, who tweeted her experiences.


While many would jump on this train and bash the wrestlers for their ďrudeness,Ē I think that is bullshit. Even given their celebrity status and the global platform that they perform on, these are men and women just like you and me. After putting in a full day of work, would you want to be bothered every four steps you take? I sure wouldnít. Many of the performers that end up with a bad reputation are on the road close to 300 days a year, putting in over 200 shows in that time. I donít care how much they get paid, or that they ďchoseĒ this lifestyle- sometimes people just want to be left alone- especially after putting in a full day of countless media appearances and the physical toll the job takes on the body.

Iím sure these guys and gals can be shitheads- but they are allowed to be. Like you, Iíve heard the stories about Raven, Lesnar, Bubba Ray Dudley, Randy Orton- and even the Immortal Hulk Hogan. Whether itís telling fans to outright &^%$ off, or making a little boy or girl cry every once in a while, itís never as big of a deal as it is made out to be- and many times just deserved. CM Punk told me to go %$#@ myself outside of a live RAW in Philly, then called me a fat bastard in Wildwood, NJ a year later. Boo hoo. It was still awesome. I didnít run on social media and cry about it. Should Rollins and Reigns have been a bit friendlier? Thatís not up to us to say- but because of their celebrity, we try to defame and shame them for shooing some of us away during their personal time. Not cool.

My point? Iím a prick when people bother me when I donít want to be bothered. Itís my nature. But most of the time, if the approach is right, I donít mind being bothered. Thankfully, most of the Superstars in wrestling organizations across the globe are great with fans and take the time to give back and show the fans love. Then there are those who donít- and that is completely ok. My vote: Respect the superstarís wishes, regardless of your fan boy/girl aspirations. Roman said it best- treat them like anyone else, not Monkeys in cages.


All well and good but the key here is they chose this career. It shouldnít come as a shock that people will approach them outside of work, especially considering that this level of notoriety is pretty much exactly what all performers hope to achieve in this business. To get to the top of the mountain and proceed to be a prick to your fans is just unacceptable. I'm not a usual jerkoff who will shout "but we pay your salary" because we donít Vince does we just pay Vince. While I can understand how annoying it must be, you chose the damn life, the argument really doesnít hold water because of other similar popularity level stars (in the same store mind you) being nothing but enjoyable to their fans. Braun Strowman has never held a title and has spent less time in this industry than nearly every other person on the RAW roster, yet was the most loved person in this experience along with Alexa Bliss (sporting an injury mind you).

What's the difference? Because they're members of The Shield its ok? I want to get this point across, I'm not saying at all times of the day they should be signing autographs, those people waiting outside of the arena for you after a PPV, House show or Raw, you're damn right you should sign some of those autographs. I'm not saying all of them since those crowds can be huge. Similarly, if they stop at a convenience store and 5-10 people want an autograph or picture, you should probably do it. I mean what is it? Like 10 minutes out of your day? On the inverse of that though, when they get to the hotel at 2-3am leave them alone folks. If you see them in the gym, once again leave them alone. They have to maintain a physique to be able to entertain you all the time, so I consider that time the same as them at work.

Thereís no simple White and Black argument for this. All Iím saying is people need to think about the situation they're in at the moment, what they did to Seth and Roman wasnít exactly bad considering the same thing happened with Braun and Alexis. But to go a little back like what happened with Randy Orton in a gym, donít take it upon yourself. If they say yes, then you need to respect that.

Who do you agree with? Bill or Kev? Let us know in the comment section below!

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