An Unpopular Opinion But... #2
Submitted by Tom O'Hare on 09/23/2018 at 02:51 PM

... Dolph Ziggler is out of place in WWE in 2018.

In the second instalment of An Unpopular Opinion But,
Iím going to look at why I believe Dolph Ziggler, currently one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions with Drew Mcintyre, sticks out like a sore thumb in todayís WWE landscape but not for the right reasons.

Inside the ring, the squared circle, the twelve turnbuckles & ropes or whatever you refer to it as there is no challenging the fact that Dolph Ziggler is & has been a tremendous master of his craft. Often overlooked for prime storylines, main event matches & world title victories he has always been a performer for whom those in charge can rely on.

Sadly this has perhaps been his undoing. While very rarely failing to deliver a match filled with excitement, false pin falls and fast paced action one could argue (the one being this writer) that his character has never really evolved itself past the 2008/2009 fresh faced Ziggler we were seeing on our screens at said time.

With that point is where I make the argument (or as I call it, Unpopular Opinion) that the Show Off is very much a product of the Ruthless Aggresion/Pre Network era.

Upon his arrival (or rather his re-debut after his tenure in the Spirit Squad), he would be one of the few on screen performers whose strength wasnít in his character work nor his look; Instead it was his ability to out perform almost any of his colleagues on a weekly (or sometimes nightly) basis.

Fast forward to 2018 & todayís personnel on both Raw & Smackdown plus not to mention NXT & even 205 Live. Can Dolph Ziggler still out perform anybody on any of the rosters Iíve just mentioned? Iím sure heís capable but itíll be a damn sight harder when youíre up against Seth Rollins, A.J Styles, Johnny Gargano & Cedric Alexander (One from each brand just for the purpose of this article).

Unfortunately the former two time World Heavyweight Champion hasnít been able to change with the industry in the way that perhaps somebody like The Miz has in that same time frame. ďDZĒ feels very much like a 2018 WWE superstar stuck in 2008.

The point Iím trying to emphasise is that while Dolph Ziggler might still be able to steal the show like he has been for ten years now....
Heís no longer the only one that can.

My name is Tom OíHare & this has been my unpopular opinion. Thank you for reading.

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