Wrestle Review: Across The Universe
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/22/2018 at 01:43 AM

I love how Impact Wrestling is using Rich Swann! You didn't think the column was going to start with Rich Swann, did you? Think about Rich in Impact vs Rich in WWE. Vince only used him as a cruiserweight/mostly on 205 Live. And we all know Vince's disdain for anyone who doesn't weigh close to 300 pounds(save a couple of guys). Rich us actually in a storyline with Matt Sydal-another guy Vince didn't give two rat turds about.

June 19, 2002. That was Abyss' first appearance in TNA. It was one of the first shows. Of course, he wasn't called Abyss. I believe he went by the name Justice. He wore no mask. Soon, he donned the mask, picked up Father James Mitchell and it was on! I suppose you could say Abyss was TNA's answer to Kane. Slamming Abyss through tacks and tables, that was straight-up Cactus in ECW. For God's sake, Mick himself gave Abyss the flannel. A sharing of the wealth, if you will. Former everything champion at Impact, congratulations Chris Joseph Park, I mean, Abyss:)

The surprise ending where we got the returns of Johnny Impact as well as Eddie Edwards was pretty cool as well. Impact is definitely on a roll. It's a shame they're likely losing Fenix and Pentagon, Jr. to WWE, where they will likely toil in 205 Live obscurity. I hope that isn't the case but I do have that fear.

Speaking of WWE, man are they ever over-saturating their Network events?! It's one thing to have one Network special per month. I'm used to that, even two. They have Super Show-Down October 6. By the way, it's at freaking 3 am! I believe I'll be catching that one on demand. Then, 22 days later is Evolution. Is it still happening? WWE has pretty much dropped the ball on this event. Add to that the announcement this past week of WWE's return to Saudi Arabia November 2 for Crown Jewel. So, four days after their first all-women's show, we go right back to an all-men's show. Whatever, WWE....

The main event of Crown Jewel is Roman Reigns defending the Universal title against Braun Stroman and, pardon me whilst I choke back vomit, Brock Lesnar. Honestly, I thought we were done with this dude. Okay, I knew we weren't but it was wishful thinking. As soon as Hell In A Cell ended, I said "so help me, they're gonna give Brock the title back in a triple threat match". Part of my prognostication has come true. I just hope the second part doesn't. I CANNOT deal with two more years of Lesnar as a non-existent champion. Rant over.

On the bright side, I think Samoa Joe is finally getting the WWE Championship. He is, right? I mean, what sense would it make for one guy to beat the same guy for three months in a row? What's that? Oh, AJ pulled the hat trick on Nakamura. Either way, it's always great to see Styles and Joe mix it up, no matter the promotion.

The heel turn of Becky Lynch has been the stuff of brilliance. Well, WWE thinks it's a heel turn. Us fans still love her, always have. This is actually working the opposite way of what WWE wanted. I'm pretty sure they didn't plan on the fans to boo Charlotte. I've never booed Becky and I'm not starting now.

There is so much going on in the world of wrestling. It can be hard to keep up with everything. We definitely live in a golden age as far as promotions and choice is concerned. Don't limit. Enjoy everything you want!

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