How the Divas are damaging the Evolution
Submitted by Steven Luke on 09/22/2018 at 12:52 AM

In just over a month on Oct. 28, 2018, the womenís revolution in WWE will hit its peak with an all-woman pay per view. There is only one problem with this. Instead of showcasing the current talent that has changed mainstream womenís wrestling, WWE is using this as a place to showcase the past instead of building on the present towards the future.

The womenís revolution may have started in the Diva era, but the return of the stars of that time to the ring could ruin Evolution.

Sure, there are people who want to see Trish Stratus and Lita in the ring again. Sure Total Divas/Total Bellas is still a popular television program. By bringing these women back, though, you are taking the spotlight away from the current division that has changed the way people look at womenís wrestling.

The current era of the womenís division started in 2016 when the Divas Championship was retired and a match widely considered the best womenís triple threat in the history of WWE crowned the new Womenís Champion. From there the division moved away from the bra and panty era of the 90ís and early 00ís and left the Divas era of sloppy limited wrestling and skimpy outfits for everyone and has evolved into a more complete style of womenís wrestling.

To see the comparison of the current style of womenís wrestling in WWE to the style of the past you donít have to look too far back to see the difference. On their return to the ring, the Bellas (Nicki and Brie) faced off against two members of the Riot Squad (Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan). In that match, Brie botched a regular dive twice and the Bellas did not look crisp against the new era of women wrestlers. In comparison, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch put on a match this past weekend at Hell in a Cell that was so crisp and clean that it was in contention for match of the night.

These are the types of matches that should be showcased as the evolution of the womenís division, not the scripted reality television that remains of the Divas division.

The Bellas should be nowhere near this show.

Litaís hundredth match with Mickie James should stay at the bottom of the card and no other members of the current division should be wasted against legends like Alexa Bliss is against Trish Stratus.

The reality television stars should be left on television and instead the Evolution should showcase matches that really highlight the evolution of the product. Lynch vs. Flair rematch should headline the show. They should build another match around the superstar that is Asuka to rebuild the buzz around her that was lost after she lost to Flair and Carmella over-and-over again. The rumored creation of a womenís tag team championship should be built around teams like the Iconics, the Riot Squad, the remaining members of Absolution and the friend team of Sasha Banks and Bayley, and keep the Bellas far away from it.

This is what needs to happen because the inclusion of the Divas will take away from what the product has become and will set it back five years.

Itís time to let go of the past and let the evolution shine at Evolution.

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