Shawn Michaels is back! ...and more thoughts
Submitted by Dylan Fulk on 09/19/2018 at 07:35 PM

First of all, I'm back.

Thank you for your applause.

Settle down now. Let me discuss something exciting.

Shawn freaking Michaels.

Even though it hasn't been officially confirmed YET by WWE, it's very much looking like HBK is finally coming back as a wrestler.

Well... at least for this match.

It's reported that Michaels will return to the ring at the upcoming 'Crown Jewel' event in Saudi Arabia on November 2nd, when he teams up with Triple H to face Undertaker and Kane.

I, for one, am excited to see him once again and have waited so long to see him wrestle again, if it was to ever happen. He's one of my favorites.

I'm happy.

I'm glad he's decided to come back, even though he did say he would stay away, but let's be frank here, this is wrestling, it's a tv show and entertainment program at the end of the day, with fictional characters and storylines being played out while grown men and women wrestle in the nude, well halfway nude in most cases.

It's all for our entertainment, people, it's not real life. These guys and gals are pretty much nothing like what they portray, especially when they're heels.

I've also seen some fans now losing respect for HBK for him coming back now.

That's not right. That's disgusting.

Why do you feel this way? cause he's not in the match you wanted him to come back to? Well boo freaking hoo. Go cry about it... oh wait.

Dude, you're not always gonna get what you want. (hi Rolling Stones). That's just the simple fact and you all should be grown enough to understand that by now. If you don't, which when you bitch and complain about this stuff the way you do, it doesn't make you seem that way at all.

Vince is giving you Shawn Michaels again. The man you grew up admiring and being a fan of his work. A man who left his family to entertain you while traveling around the world with his hectic schedule. That guy.

He's put on some of the greatest matches known to man and gave us countless memories we will never forget. Not to mention the 2 greatest Wrestlemania matches and matches of all time in general against The Undertaker. by the way, you should go watch those again. Just for safe measure ;)

Why lose respect for him now when you wanted him for 8 years now? You bitched to him about ONE MORE MATCH, ONE MORE MATCH, ONE MORE MATCH, ONE MORE MATCH and so on. (every time he appeared)

That got annoying.

And now.. he's back. Finally.

And then you complain. WOW.

You're a sad human being.

You should be ashamed really.

I'm surprised you call yourself a wrestling fan.

That's what a true wrestling fan is all about.

There's PASSION. Then there's CRYBABY attention seeker.

That's how you all are acting, the ones who are losing respect for Shawn all of a sudden and not fans of the way he's coming back.

Just be happy he's back, for Roman Reigns' sake.


Just sit back and relax and let's enjoy wrestling and not complain about every little thing WWE does. Or any promotion for that matter.

And yes, I know, you're gonna leave a comment below about "well, those promotions know how to book things, unlike Vince and WWE, for the majority"

Well yeah, because it's two different situations you have.

WWE is GLOBAL and is a BILLION dollar entertainment empire. They are the KINGs of pro wrestling, sports entertainment. Don't even try and fight me on it either. That's that. They're kings.

Deal with that.

Learn to live with it.

WWE doesn't HAVE to cater to you fans all the time. You're not gonna always get what you want. It's the way it is. You don't run the company, Vince does. (and some others too, I suppose).

WWE decided to broaden their horizons and turn to a more family friendly environment. It's worked for them since 2008 when they decided to go PG. I mean, look at how much stock is. Results are results people.

If they truly sucked, why are they still so relevant? why are they making a lot of money? why are you able to still actually watch Vince's product you grew up on?

Just saying.

The booking isn't gonna please some of you in today's WWE world, that's the truth. But doesn't mean you have to lose respect for certain people because you're mad they're not being brought back or booked the way you dreamed they should have.

Just be happy they're here and still willing to put on a show for you.

Well, to be honest, my fingers and arms are killing me a bit. I type fast. Oh well. I'm gonna rap this up, even though I still had more to say and I still may continue this at a later point.

Point is. I'm happy Shawn is back. I don't care what his match or booking is, I'm just happy he's back in a wrestling ring, as a wrestler. You should be too, if you're a real fan.

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