Why We Need Roman Reigns-Opinion
Submitted by Joseph Reilly on 09/16/2018 at 06:40 PM

We need Roman Reigns today. It’s one of those sentences where you clicked it to either fiercely agree, fiercely disagree, or forcefully remain non-chalant about. Either way, as WWE would say: you had a reaction. But when Roman Reigns isn’t arguably the best on the mic or in the ring, why do we need him?

Roman may not be able to get you to half chuckle at immaturity like John Cena, but he does set unrealistic expections for all of us, and we need that in a day and age where you’re either arguing on Twitter or feeling some type of anxiety. He’s billed as a super-hero, and whether we want to admit it or not we all have those days where we wished we too were hyped up like Superman every Monday.

Today the word “leader” is marred in being something of a fairytale, as we see numerous people in power along with famed celebrities fall from grace, we still have the invincible Roman Reigns carrying his belt like an arrogant cowboy. We need that routine leader whether it’s real or not to remind us that we all can be our own legend in some way.

Then you get to the anti-hero aspect. Just like the end of The Dark Knight where Batman says he can be whatever we need him to be, Roman Reigns is that guy. On days where you had a crappy shift at work- you can boo Roman Reigns. On days where you want to see the “bad guy” get beat, you can sure count that Roman Reigns will be right there.

Whether you want to accept it or not Roman Reigns is here to stay. And with most things that we have no choice over, maybe, just maybe, we actually need the Big Dog.

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