Are we seeing a new boom period in wrestling?
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January 4th 2017, Wrestle Kingdom 11 is underway and is turning out to be already one of the best shows of 2017. Naito and Tanahashi tore the house down with their IC championship match and as I'm watching this I keep thinking to myself "No way the main event will top this. I was clearly wrong. Okada and Omega put on a 47 minute classic that kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the entire match. Kenny taking big bumps to the outside. Okada hitting rainmakers like his life depended on it. Kenny trying desperately to hit the One Winged Angel and not once being able to before Okada hits a jumping tombstone into a Rainmaker to continue his record setting reign as the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion. Right then and there I knew wrestling was about to hit its next boom period. It felt amazing to be a wrestling fan again.

A year and a half later Omega and Okada would have 3 more stellar matches that with each match told an amazing and compelling story. With these two men, wrestling became something to appreciate and care about again. Sadly when you switch to the WWE you get the same matches over and over again without much change up. It makes sense really. WWE is a multi million dollar company that caters to the casual fan. It works for them why should they change. The problem that WWE has is that you have the same 10 people across both brands that are featured prominently every week and as much as I like Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan. Burn out does occur and with that WWE starts to lose luster for me. What's so great about the indies is that you will always have variety. in New Japan you may get Okada and Omega 4 different times but at the next show Okada is going up against Cody or Ishii or Suzuki. In PWG you have you mainstays but every is something different and new. ROH is putting on 30 minute classics with established guys like Jay Lethal and Christopher Daniels but are grooming Talent like Punishment Martinez and Flip Gordan.

WWE doesn't need to change because they are the top of the world. No matter how "bad" the show is the ratings stay the same and the stock prices keep going up. NXT is kind of a way to remedy the mundane feel that the main roster brings which to be honest, helps a lot but you can get that with those other brands like NJPW, ROH and PWG just to name a few. This is the rejuvenation and re birth of the territory days. Wrestlers don't need to go to WWE to make money to survive. With a big enough name and word of mouth you can be booked anywhere and you can sell your Merchandise and not work for a month if it is the right show. WWE is no longer the end all be all and a lot of the time, Most people who go to WWE do it just to go for steady work schedule with a giant company and learn from the legends and agents who work the shows backstage.

WWE also suffers from to many cooks in the kitchen. 10 to 20 writers trying to write a weekly show that could change on the fly is stressful on them and the wrestlers. New Japan works so well because its just Two guys booking 6 to 9 months in advance and have back up plans if those plans fall through. New Japan has shown that simple story telling in promos and wrestling goes a long way. WWE has this constant need to overdo everything and sometimes that's great but most of the time it falls flat and comes off as embarrassing. Its sports entertainment but sometimes thats not what we want. We just want to see two guys go 30 minutes and tell a story from scratch, not have it created step by step in 30 minute promos everyone tuned out of 10 minutes in.

CM Punk said that Vince McMahon was an out of touch old man. I find this statement untrue. Vince McMahon is a genius who has made his mark on the industry and the world and therefore doesn't need to try anymore. NJPW, ROH, PWG, Progressive, Evolve etc. are companies that are going out there and putting out the best product they can so they can be seen and be taken seriously as an art form. We are in the middle of the greatest Boom Period since Austin brought forth the Attitude Era and everyone in the indies are trying their hardest to make sure everyone sees it. End of the day. WWE will do what they want and mind you this isn't a smear campaign on WWE. I love the brand and I genuinely believe that if they put in more effort in the match quality and use of the talent that they have an abundance of instead of the extravaganza of it all, the quality of the product could improve. What do I know though. I'm just some Smart Mark behind a keyboard, But I care about this business to want to see it strive and expand so everyone can see how amazing this sport can be.

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