Wrestle Review: What's Next?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 08/31/2018 at 11:53 PM

April 10. That was the date Paige was named SmackDown GM. That was the last time we saw Shane McMahon on tv. Why can't Stephanie take a cue from her brother? I digress. While Paige has done a great job as GM, it seems the end is getting nearer and nearer for Kurt Angle. With this Corbin as interim GM garbage, I can't help but think we're heading for Angle vs Corbin for the right to be GM at some point in the near future. Survivor Series?

Funny but that wasn't what I was going to start with this week. But as long as we're talking Raw, let's continue. Has Braun turned heel? I'm not so sure. It would be easy to think that after he joined up with D & D to lay waste to the Shield. Honestly, though, I think that was more of a getting to Roman thing, not so much a team with Dolph and Drew because we're buddies thing. It may look like that until after Hell In A Cell. Right after that match, I expect Braun to lay waste to Dolph and Drew quickly.

Kevin Owens "quitting" Raw is obviously a storyline. But where is it headed? Does he go back to SmackDown? Surely he's not turning face, right? He's too good of a heel. I'm ruling out a face turn. I say he goes back to Smackdown and teams up with a (at some point) returning Sami Zayn. Think about it: Daniel Bryan is a wrestler again so Owens can legally go after him. To do that, he has to go to Tuesday nights.

Moose turning on Eddie Edwards and aligning himself with Austin Aries and Killer Kross on Impact was something that I did not at all see coming. Makes me wonder who, if anyone, will come to Edwards' aide. Will the team of Aries, Moose and Kross add a fourth and form a, dare I say, new stable? We'll see what goes down next week.

It's ironic that three years ago today was Braun Stroman's debut match on Raw. Who was that debut against? Well, we come full circle because it was against Dean Ambrose with Roman Reigns ringside. Now we'll have Roman in the cell with Braun. I wonder what's going to happen between them all Monday night? I'm sensing a gauntlet match at some point. We shall see.

I can't end without mentioning Tessa Blanchard becoming Knockouts Champion. What a family lineage! Now, who are they going to get to realistically challenge her for that title? Granted, she didn't beat Allie when she was champion so I suppose she's not Teflon. She's pretty close, though.

I'm interested to see where that goes. I'm interested to see the Aries/Kross/Moose stuff. Monday and Tuesday should both be pretty entertaining. Pair that with New Japan and ROH(still waiting to see them on my TV) and wrestling is pretty intriguing right now. I'm interested to see what's coming next. And I'm sure there will be people on the internet who don't like it. There always are.

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