Wrestle Review: Birthday Boss
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 08/24/2018 at 10:50 PM

General Manager Baron Corbin, excuse me, "interim" general manager Baron Corbin, is what we're getting starting this Monday. Nice that WWE is doing the Authority angle again. I say that sarcastically, of course. I imagine the #1 contender to Reigns' title will magically become Kevin Owens whenever he returns from the thorough thrashing he got at SummerSlam. Either way, I feel as though I've seen this show before.

The Shield uniting to thwart Braun Stroman has Stephanie McMahon written all over it. Stay with me. Braun tore through Stephanie and Triple H's guy from years ago, and did so in short order. The very next night, when Stroman was about to cash in, the Shield inexplicable comes out, triple powerbombs Stroman and leaves. End result? Stroman isn't champion and won't be for awhile. Might we see a McMahon-backed Shield? While I'm on the subject, I've been thinking of who Braun can recruit. Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt come to mind.

The Bludgeon Brothers retained the tag titles against New Day at SummerSlam. Then they dropped them to New Day in a No DQ match Tuesday. Rowan is injured. Why not get Braun, Bray and Luke back together for a mini-run. Shield vs Wyatts again in Hell In A Cell sounds pretty great. Remember how good the first one was?

Melbourne, Australia will be the site for WWE Super Showdown, featuring Triple H vs Undertaker. I'm thinking the Shield will be facing Braun, Wyatt and Harper(just guessing). In reality, who knows what we get other than the one confirmed match. I'm sure we'll get more information Monday and beyond. I'm also hearing Daniel Bryan vs Miz-winner gets a WWE title shot.
We already know Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles in Hell In A Cell for the WWE Championship. We're also getting Daniel Bryan vs Miz, with the winner getting a WWE Championship match. Cena and Lashley will face Elias and Kevin Owens. I understand they're trying to get people into an Elias vs Lashley feud. I wasn't aware they were giving us the Owens/Cena feud again. Perhaps that's just for one night. We'll see what develops in the coming weeks.

Austin Aries and his new muscle Killer Kross and Eddie Edwards and Moose are set to collide. I'm into this. Am I the only one who sees similarities in Eddie Edwards' new character and Sandman? All Edwards needs is a beer in his hand. The Grado/Katarina/Joe Hendry saga has gone on a lot longer than I figured it would. It's not two years like Aces & 8's....yet.

Neville I finally a free agent. I know he can make an IMPACT somewhere(wink, wink)He turns any Ring into an HONOR to watch....

Happy 73rd Birthday to the reason we all have a WWE to watch(and, lets be honest, complain about sometimes)! I hope I'm blessed to at least make it that far.

Catch you next week, fellow wrestling fans!

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