The X-Factor: Post SummerSlam season
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 08/21/2018 at 05:29 AM

A day later, and I thought I might be feeling differently about it. I don’t. I’m still happy Roman Reigns won! I am not gonna fall in line.

There is something I find hilarious though. Last month I read the July 23 Raw recap on another site, and it said that Reigns’ title wins were “granted by Vince McMahon”. Um, isn’t that how it works for everyone? Did I miss something here?

I’ll tell you why you’re not enjoying the product: your negativity. You really gotta let that go.

SummerSlam 2018 had some low points to be sure: the Tag Team belts are in no better shape than before; Charlotte didn’t turn heel; KO lost too quickly, and the wrong way; and the US title scene kinda sucks right now. Nothing against Shinsuke or Jeff, but what they’re doing just isn’t working.

Still, we saw not one but two Match of the Year candidates. If I had to award Superstar of the Year right now, Seth Rollins would get it.

Samoa Joe and The Miz are undoubtedly the best heels around. Their respective rivalries are the ones that keep on giving. Joe is just plain pissing Styles off and he doesn’t care. Miz is the quintessential cowardly heel who will get his in the end.

The mark in all of us was happy to see Ronda Rousey give Alexa Bliss the what for. The following Raw, Ronda outright slammed Stephanie for doing what she’s been legit doing for years: putting herself above the women.

She’s really been doing it to everyone.

That segment would lead to Kurt Angle being sent off on vacation and “Boring” Corbin being definitively put in charge of Raw. I can just picture him putting the screws to Finn Balor in the coming weeks.

Speaking of, I have to confess. Their match was coming, and I went to the bathroom. I could still hear the TV and I noticed that Finn’s music wasn’t playing like normal. It was the full theme, which meant that the Demon was coming. I hit rewind just so I could watch the whole entrance and I never do that. Good things come to those who wait.

Gonna come back to the women’s segment. I fear, no, I dread that they were setting up Stephanie vs. Ronda. It’s not the match itself that worries me, but the location. When Steph shows up, it’s her world and they’re just living in it. What if she wants to headline Evolution? That would be such a dick move.

WWE really suffered in their post-Mania season, but they got a lot of things right this year in Brooklyn.

I will close with one last thought.

I watched the Honest Trailers for Star Wars Episodes VII and VIII and I got to thinking. I believe the nostalgia factor is keeping people from enjoying Raw and Smackdown these days. Some of you aren’t moving forward. People hate those movies because they can’t let go of the past. Same with WWE now. You’re holding on to old memories too tightly.

Just my opinion.

Don’t mess with the X.

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