Wrestle Review: SummerSlam and More Important Matters
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 08/17/2018 at 11:41 PM

Jim "The Anvil" Neidhardt was truly one of a kind. All I know is what I've seen over the years. What I've seen is the Hart Foundation rip it up when I was a kid. I rode the rollercoaster of emotions each time the Hart Foundation won, defended and lost the WWF tag team titles. Rest In Peace, Jim. Thank you!

Alexander vs Gulak on the kickoff show: I assume the arena will be mostly empty for this match. At the very least, people will be at the concession stands. Knowing absolutely nothing about the cruiserweight division, I'm picking Alexander.

Corbin will probably defeat Fin. I honestly figured this would be a "if Fin loses, he goes to Smackdown Live" stipulation match. Maybe that comes next month. Fin pinned Corbin last month. I say Corbin wins here. Likely this win comes in the form of interference from Kevin Owens. We'll see.
The Revival getting a Raw tag title shot is amazing! Not that they don't deserve it: they do. The Revival should win the titles but they're too bland. B Team retains. Memo to WWE: please fix their music.

The Bludgeon Brothers will annihilate the New Day. I don't see a way New Day wins the gold. Jeff Hardy has a rematch with Nakamura for the U.S. title. I sense Randy Orton gets involved. I honestly thought Orton would be added to the match. He might've been if not for his "incident" coming to light. Randy gets involved and costs Jeff. This will lead, hopefully, to the triple threat next month that I thought we would see Sunday.

Daniel Bryan vs Miz should be a good one. Since WWE has basically bungled Bryan's return and Miz is white hot right now, I'm picking Miz.

The Lunatic Fringe returned Monday night and will be in Seth Rollins' corner to counteract Drew when Seth hopes to regain the IC title against Dolph Ziggler. Each match between these two has been superb. Add in the Dean Ambrose element and this one should be fun. I fully expect Dean to turn on Seth at some point. However, that will not happen Sunday. Seth finally regains the gold.

Charlotte being added to Becky's title match with Carmella is, well it certainly adds a certain element. For me, this is another "when will they turn" scenario. It's been clear from the start that Becky is none to thrilled about Charlotte working her way into the match. Perhaps Charlotte wins the title and then is attacked by Becky? Then we can get to Becky vs Charlotte, which I figure will eventually happen. I wish Becky would finally get the title back but, y'know, WWE....

If Kevin Owens wins the money in the bank contract from Braun Stroman then what was the point of the June ppv? Of course, I assume he does win the contract thanks to Baron Corbin, possibly a returning Triple H, a returning Sami Zayn, Stephanie McMahon and who knows who else. I figure it's about time for WWE to really upset us. Hey, it's a no-brainer for Braun to win and become champion by the end of the night. He won't, however.

Ronda Wousey is winning the Raw women's championship, right? Her temper could get her disqualified, of course. I don't believe that's what WWE will do here. The sole reason they brought her in is to generate more money. What's going to generate WWE more money? Make Rousey the champion. Ronda's going over Sunday night, I predict.

I really see Samoa Joe winning the WWE Championship from AJ this weekend. For them to have a heated rematch in September, I'm thinking Styles has to lose. They had some classics in TNA. I'm really thinking we're in for another one at SummerSlam. And for people who never saw their TNA matches, get ready!

I got a haircut today. You're wondering what that has to do with Reigns and Lesnar for the Universal title, aren't you? Well, I'd said previously I would probably pull my hair out if Brock Lesnar walked out of SummerSlam with the Universal Championship, as has been rumored. I'm hoping for a title change. A Reigns title win, Braun cashing in to win the title...I'd even take Owens(who I can't stand) winning the championship. That's how tired I am of Lesnar.

The show stealer of the weekend might not even be on Sunday. Gargano and Ciampa for the NXT Championship should be insanely good! Undisputed Era/Mustache Mountain, Ricochet/Adam Cole(another great one NXT has for us), EC3 and Velveteen Dream...This is shaping up to be a spectacular weekend!

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