The X-Factor: Recent happenings
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 08/14/2018 at 05:04 AM

A lot has happened lately. Where to start?

The G1 SuperShow actually sold out MSG. Colt Cabana is taking his former friend to court. Chris Jericho could be joining Impact Wrestling. Kane actually won his mayoral campaign. SummerSlam is around the corner.

We canít forget about those who arenít here anymore: Nikolai Volkoff, Grand Master Sexay, and Jim Neidhart.

I donít know much about Volkoff other than he and Iron Sheik were the pioneers of the ďforeign heelĒ concept. Grand Master Sexay I do remember him as part of a popular act during the Attitude Era. While never the biggest tag team in those years, him and Scotty will always be Too Cool.

Sadly I wasnít a fan when The Anvil and Bret Hart were in their prime as the Hart Foundation, but Iíve heard many times he was one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time. I came close to losing my dad almost three years ago. He will live on through his daughter.


I look at the way the smart fans react to anything and I find myself thinking about all the negativity in general. The hate towards Roman Reigns all started because he was the perceived asshole who ďstoleĒ Daniel Bryanís spot.

I wonder, why donít you react with that much passion towards the other indy darlings? People were up in arms over Bayley losing her push last year. Smart fans are upset that Asuka lost her feud against Carmella. Guys like Finn Balor, Owens, Cesaro, and Ziggler arenít the main-eventers you perceive them to be. You had so much passion for Bryan but why not them? Why donít you crap on the people who ďtook their spotĒ?

The hardcores can be too passionate for their own good. Brooklyn hi-jacked Rollins vs. Balor at SummerSlam í16 not because of the match. They didnít like the Universal title.

Iím not blind though. I support Reigns but I can see that Vinceís drive to push him has seemed manic at times.

Vince wanted to build Brock Lesnar up as an unstoppable final boss type. There were many steps taken to do that: ending the Undertakerís streak, destroying John Cena, Lesnarís overpowering nature, putting the Universal title on him, and protecting him in general. All of it was done so Reigns could beat him and be the next big star. Had fan backlash not been so big, Roman would have defeated Lesnar in 2015.

Owning John Cena was a big statement. Looking back, I question it now.

Well, Iím all talked out for now.

Donít mess with the X.

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