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Submitted by Justin Watry on 08/11/2018 at 12:11 AM

"I have been reading your stuff on 411mania and for the longest time now and I have never felt inclined to email in. The general consensus of you not being most popular is harsh at times but also can be well-founded too. But I still read your stuff because I do enjoy your articles and find your perspective interesting most of the time.

That said, your article about your friend Megan and trip to Wrestlemnaia was the greatest thing you have ever wrote. Forget about the predictions you brag about getting right. This is your crowning piece. Maybe it is because I can relate as going to Wrestlemania is my ultimate dream and it will be happening next year. But I genuinely loved your article.

Thank you for the great stuff."

- Jay's Ways reader Plug

My Mae Young Classic 2018 preview is up on right now. I wrote it before the tapings and will keep things spoiler free on Twitter as well. Very excited for the tournament to begin airing.

Colt Cabana/CM Punk

Raise your hand if you are surprised by the latest CM Punk news.

Go ahead. Raise your hand nice and high and keep it up for all to see.

Okay? Good?

Congrats. You are the few remaining individuals left on this planet to still believe in CM Punk and all that he has 'preached' over the years. It sucks because the guy is super talented inside a wrestling ring. I have never denied that. Heck, look at my 2013 Year End Awards - you will see his name littered all over the place. Before he walked out in January 2014, I was JUST writing about what a great year he had the previous 12 months.

What is so painful is that is only part of his legacy. Everything else outside the ring has not been 'the best in the world' if you know what I mean. I could list a million examples to back up my point, but why bother? This latest story is just one more for the Google searches to pop up.

Admittedly, I do not care much for Colt Cabana or his style of wrestling but whatever. I feel the dude in this instance. He clearly got screwed over and now has the tough task to start a lawsuit versus his best friend. I can not even imagine the emotions, much less the financial aspect. Hopefully, all of this turns out well and doesn't get TOO nasty. No need for that.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is likely to go to Impact Wrestling according to some...

I know his buddies are basically running the company now, but Y2J has to be smarter than THAT. Working huge shows for New Japan Pro Wrestling is one thing. Doing a pointless set of taping for Impact Wrestling in front of 300 Canadian fans or 500 non-paying tourists in Orlando is not something I want to see.

Jericho has to know better.

I still maintain what I said earlier in 2018 when he wrestled Kenny Omega and announced this big ridiculous cruise thing.

He is bored.

Some refer to it as a mid-life crisis; some just call it him being a creative genius. I call it being bored and wanting to try other things. DIFFERENT things. Working for Vince McMahon the past 20 years is surely exhausting and since he does not really NEED the money, he has freedom to do as he pleases.

I don't even blame him honestly. If he wants to wrestle a new set of opponents and help out the lesser known promotion, good for him. I just don't think many will truly care in the long run. I know I won't.


Speaking of Impact Wrestling, we are now down to a staggering 168,000 viewers. Embarrassing is putting it mildly. Don't blame POP TV - they just did 399,000 viewers a few months ago with nearly two months worth straight of 300,000+ viewers. Blaming POP TV is an easy excuse but does not fly here. We have seen the show draw 300,000+ viewers for the past year or so. Dropping to 168,000 is not because of POP TV.

Oh, let me guess...pre-season NFL games, right? Right. Just like they were on last week when the show drew nearly double that and just like EVERY SINGLE YEAR when football returns and viewership was nearly double 168,000. Again, does not fly. Sorry. We know NFL is immense and hammers every other program on television. We are well aware - 168,000 viewers though? Unreal.

Remind me again of all this momentum Impact Wrestling supposedly has...

Madison Square Garden

In more positive news, big ups to Ring Of Honor and NJPW for selling out Madison Square Garden for a show next April. Super cool accomplishment and doing so in such quick fashion makes it even more impressive. I will admit I certainly thought that would never happen; I own up to that.

Yes, it is during WrestleMania weekend where fans from all over the world flock to the area.

Yes, it is a joint show.

Yes, there is an expectation of a major star appearing that night.

I am well aware of the qualifiers the 'haters' will use to down play this achievement.

Save it!

In my opinion, none of it matters. Don't rain on this parade folks. Just like ALL IN selling out so fast and doing great things, there is no negative spin here. ROH and NJPW deserve props and will get it. Same with The Bullet Club fellas with ALL IN.

I openly don't care for any of those companies, but the name of the game in business is success. Money. Paying fans. Profit. Selling tickets. They are all doing that right now, so my hat's off to them. Congrats.

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