Wrestle Review: Happenings and Forgettings
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 08/04/2018 at 12:37 AM

I must start this off with sad news. We learned Sunday morning of the passing of Brian Christopher and Nikolai Volkoff. I remember watching both. I saw Brian in his prime. I saw Nikolai in his later years. Such great talents. R.I.P to both men. You will be missed. Thank you for the entertainment you've provided us fans over the years.

Earlier this week, Madison Rayne was confirmed for the upcoming Mae Young Classic. That makes last week's loss to Su Yung at Slammiversary her swan song for Impact. I don't know who else will be in that tournament but I'd think Madison should win.

Charlotte returning this past Tuesday, saving Becky and, as a result, weaseling her way into the title match with Carmella and Becky at SummerSlam assures to me that Charlotte is the one turning heel. I originally thought it'd be Becky. I hoped Becky was turning heel. I love Becky but I just felt that it was time for a turn. Charlotte, on the other hand, is apparently going after Big Show and, lately, Nia Jax' heel to face and back record. Honestly, Nia is at the point where I've lost out on whether she's a heel or face.

In 2016, Eddie Edwards won the Impact World Championship from Bobby Lashley. I think their commentator Josh Matthews might need a reminder of that fact. This past week, he alluded to Eddie's title shot next week being his possible first world championship. Don Callis can be excused for not knowing this, as he wasn't with the company at the time. Josh Matthews, however, was doing commentary for the match. This proves that it's not only WWE who forgets things that have happened in their own company.

Brock Lesnar reading hunting magazines on Raw was possibly the best thing on Raw. So... many...gifs... I commend WWE for this comedic use of Lesnar. I'd like more. SummerSlam is in 16 days. We already have 7 matches signed. Nakamura defending the U.S. title vs Jeff Hardy is the latest addition. I still think we're going to see Randy Orton added to that match, especially after what's happened with him and Jeff.

It's good they already have the majority of the card filled. This way, they can properly build these matches instead of them just being thrown together. Most if not all already have a pretty solid backstory. I'll certainly be interested in what this coming week brings. I think we get Corbin vs Balor again. Though this time, I'd make it if Fin loses, he goes to the blue brand.

Congratulations to Glenn Jacobs aka Kane on becoming Knox County, TN Mayor. The Big Red Mayor in the house!

If you haven't been watching guys like Okada, Zack Sabre, Jr and Kenny Omega tear it up on Friday nights on AXS, I suggest you give New Japan a shot. I have a feeling a lot of you do. Just wanted to put it out there as a suggestion to everybody else. WWE, Impact, New Japan....if they can only get ROH back on TV..... I was thinking about it earlier, every night but Wednesday has wrestling. That'd be perfect for Ring Of Honor. At any rate, it's been said before and it'll be said again and again, what a time to be a wrestling fan!

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