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On This Week's 'A Week with WWE' with Dylan Fulk, I go over Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT featuring the Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar story, Joe's personal message to Styles, Becky Lynch, Daniel Bryan/Miz story, Ciampa's address to WWE after title win and more

Raw - July 30, 2018
SmackDown Live - July 31, 2018
NXT - August 1, 2018


Brock is back!

MY TAKE: This week's Raw saw the return of Brock Lesnar to WWE television for the first time since I believe the Greatest Royal Rumble event back in May or something like that, I already forget the event almost entirely, pretty sad. Haha. But yeah, Brock came back, finally. I actually loved his segments on Raw, they were really well done and written, Brock's performance was great, Paul Heyman was as good as he always is, I loved it. Even though I didn't care for the whole show overall, I liked Roman's performance here, Brock's, Heyman's throughout. Brock was basically taking on the whole "I don't come to work a lot cause I don't care, I'm in it for the money and don't care about anything else" gimmick which has been pretty much given to him by the fans, alike. I loved it, plays into the story well, Brock came out with some heat, enough to get Roman cheered by the end of the show and Reigns even got "We Want Roman" chants. I bet Vince was THRILLED at that. Roman came out at the beginning of the show and was telling the crowd how he doesn't respect Brock, how Brock isn't even in the building yet or if he even shows up, etc. It was a pretty solid promo from Reigns, in my opinion. Heyman came out and cut a promo, as he always does, on Brock's behalf. Solid stuff, Roman shut him down real quick, told Heyman to just shut up and told Heyman to write down that, at Summerslam, he's beating Brock for the Universal Title and how when he sends Brock back to the UFC, Brock wont be known as "The Beast" anymore, he'll be known as "Roman Reigns' bitch", which of course, got a big pop from the crowd. Cause we love when wrestlers are allowed to curse on television. :P (I actually love that too, so I'm a mark). That was pretty much the end of the segment. Good stuff from Heyman and Reigns. Should be a fun feud from now until Summerslam.

Middle of the show:

Not too much really happened after the opening segment thats really worth discussing. Balor and Corbin has a long ass match, which wasn't that great to begin with, they need to end this shit real quick, its doing nothing for Balor or Corbin and I like both guys. Balor needs to be in the IC picture at least if he's not going into the world title picture any time soon. But whatever, what do I know. Ronda was on the show later on in the program. She accompanied Nattie for her match against Alicia Fox, the match turned into chaos after Bliss got involved, Ronda got beat up a little by Alicia after the match I believe, Ronda chased them off after. After the match, it was announced by Kurt Angle that Ronda will have her Raw debut match next week against Alicia Fox. Should be a fun little match next week. I'm a big fan of Ronda overall in WWE so far, she's been fantastic, to say the least.

I already forget most of what happened on Raw by now, so sorry for those who are so invested in it right now. I remember the ending segment with Lesnar/Heyman/Angle, before that I don't remember much. You have to remember, when I'm writing these, I don't go back to to look at the results, I wing it. That's how I roll. So bear with me (you can leave comments below to discuss other stuff I may have missed).

Let's go ahead and talk the ending segment. Okay, so, Angle told Heyman if he doesn't produce Brock Lesnar by the end of the night, Heyman would be fired from WWE. Well, as much as Heyman pleaded with Lesnar throughout the broadcast to get him to appear in the ring, Brock kept denying and said he doesn't need to do shit, pretty much. Angle even, due to Stephanie saying so, had to kick Reigns out of the arena so he wouldn't get involved with the segment with Brock at the end.

The end came and Angle came out and called out Heyman to produce Lesnar. Heyman came out and wasn't so thrilled at Brock denying to show up on Paul's behalf. Heyman and Angle argued for a minute before Angle told Heyman he's fired, Heyman then begged Angle to not fire him, really good performance by Heyman here. He's always too damn good at what he does. Then, Lesnar's music hit, Lesnar came down to the ring, circled the ring, stared down Angle and Corbin (Corbin was out with Angle of course). Lesnar got in the ring, gave the title to Heyman, got in Angle's face and asked Angle if he has a problem with Lesnar, Lesnar looked at Corbin and asked if Corbin had a problem with him. They didn't say anything or nod, etc.

Lesnar, then, stayed in Corbin's face for a second, teasing an altercation with Corbin, which would have been great btw, but, instead picked up Angle and gave him a monsterous F5 in the middle of the ring. Lesnar got up, stared down Corbin again, Corbin backed off, Lesnar, then, went over and grabbed the title from Heyman, Heyman with a grin on his face, BUT... then Lesnar turned on Heyman, choked him to the floor, not saying much while doing so. Lesnar than let go once the crowd started chanting for Roman, Lesnar looked around all confused-ish, then left the stage after. This was the end of the segment and show.

Overall thoughts on Raw:

It was very hit and miss for me. Loved the Lesnar/Heyman/Reigns parts of the show. Everything else was pretty meh at best. Hopefully it picks up steam in the coming weeks heading into Summerslam. My grade for Raw will be at the end of this writing, at the bottom.

SmackDown Live:

Samoa Joe's personal message to AJ Styles

MY TAKE: The show opened with Becky Lynch and Carmella having a segment, Becky cut a promo on Carmella, Carmella cut a promo on Becky, they brawled a bit, Charlotte came out and made her return to TV, saved Becky, it was later announced that Charlotte would face Carmella in the main event, if Charlotte wins, she will be added to the Women's Title match at Summerslam. I actually missed this segment, I was doing something else at the time it was going on, so I didn't personally watch it, but I watched it on YouTube after it aired.

The Bar v The Usos

The Bar and Usos had a nice match to help kick off SmackDown this week. They advanced to the finals of the SmackDown Live Tag Team tournament. The Bar is back! I'm happy to see them back, should be fun moving forward. I think they face the New Day next week, whoever wins faces the Bludgeon Brothers at Summerslam. Correct me if I'm wrong on that one. I see The Bar winning this tournament. Unless they choose New Day, only way they should choose New Day is if they are planning to break them up at or after Summerslam. Other than that, there's no need, just pick the Bar to win and face the Brothers. But, Bar v Usos was a great match. Those two teams are tremendous.

Samoa Joe's promo on AJ Styles

This promo was simply fantastic from Joe. I mean, this guy is so f***ing intense with what he does, says, does, etc. I'm excited for this match at Summerslam, the build, so far, is looking to be impressive. I just wish Joe would come out the winner, with how strong they will book him heading into Summerslam. Joe was saying how Styles is a failure as a father, cause he rather focus on being on the road too much and not being with his family. Joe got pretty personal with Styles here. It made for a very compelling segment and promo. Its looking to be a strong build, like I said a minute ago between Joe/Styles. Former TNA rivals, now WWE rivals. Boy how the tables turn. The production for this feud may be small, we don't know yet, but if its given more time, after Summerslam, it could be up there with Feud of the Year possibly, if they give Joe and Styles more freedom. These two have always worked very well with one another, so this match is going to be nothing short of brilliance from both men. If WWE gives them time and faith in it. I loved the promo and I'm invested in the feud. Well done, Joe and WWE.

Randy Orton's beatdown on Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy came out after the Joe promo and cut his own promo on wanting the face Nakamura and get his US title back, then talked about Orton's recent attacks on him since returning at Extreme Rules. He called out Orton, Orton came out, but then Nakamura emerged from behind and attacked Hardy, while Orton watched for a second, Orton then got in Nakamura's face and teased an altercation, but then stepped back and said "He's all yours, go ahead". Nakamura then gave Hardy the Kinsasha and left the ring after having a staredown with Orton.

Orton, then, gave another savage beating to Hardy, beating the holy shit out of Hardy, to say the least. He poured water all over Hardy's face and wiped off the face paint covering Hardy's mug. This whole beatdown was just fantastic, really great stuff from a now Heel Randy Orton, which, yes, is the BEST Randy Orton we will probably ever see in wrestling. Orton has been ruthless as f*** since he 's been back. Great GREAT segment here. Loved it! This feud should be fun moving forward and the match should be good at Summerslam. I'm assuming it will be Orton v Nak v Hardy in a Triple Threat for the US Title. Makes sense.

Zelina Vega v Lana

This was a nice little match from these two ladies. If you missed it, Zelina had a confrontation, I believe either before SmackDown Live aired on Tuesday or the day before, not sure, I think Lana challenged Zelina to a match for SmackDown Live, correct me if I'm wrong, sorry. But this match was nice for what it was worth. Lana has been rather impressive lately, always been a big fan of hers and Rusev's. Nice match. Andrade Almas tried to get involved before Aiden English came down and evened the odds, of course, before it cost Lana the match. Zelina rolled up Lana for the win, Lana was pissed. They had a confrontation backstage with Rusev. Seems they are going for Rusev v English at Summerslam? Maybe? I'm not sure right now. My idea is, they should have Lana and English turn on Rusev, turning Rusev full fledged Babyface and have them all feud. Have English and Lana side with each other as a heel couple moving forward, at least for a bit. Could be fun.

The Miz and Daniel Bryan promo

This was a great promo from both Bryan and Miz. Well, at least until some crying babies came into play. Ugh. What a f***ing mess that was. Buzzkill and cringe to the moon and back. But, nonetheless, great promo, especially from Miz. Which isn't surprising at all. He's fantastic. Bryan held his own though, like he usually does. Bryan challenged Miz to a match at Summerslam, Miz basically said "I'll think about it and get with my agent". True Miz fashion. Haha. It seems its pretty much a lock at this point. We know where this all goes from here. Duh. This has been a fun feud. Its YEARS in the making and I doubt this ends at Summerslam. Bryan wil re-sign with WWE and he will probably lose to Miz at Summerslam, then get his rematch for Wrestlemania 35, I assume. That's what they should do anyways. Bryan should win the Royal Rumble, face Miz at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship. Have Miz win the title at the Rumble against Styles, ending the long title reign. Perfect stuff there. But is WWE smart enough to do that? Never say never I guess.

Charlotte Flair v Carmella

Solid match from both ladies. Charlotte's performance was great, Carmella held her own for the most part. I thought Becky would get involved because they kept showing her backstage watching. Didn't happen of course, which sucked in a way, but they're probably building up towards a future heel turn from Becky at Summerslam or the week before Summerslam maybe. Then again, may happen after Summerslam. Not sure. My guess is she will turn on Charlotte after Charlotte wins the title at Summerslam, or maybe Becky wins and still turns heel on Charlotte. My guess, not the latter. Becky is made for the chase, in my opinion. turn her heel against a Face Charlotte, should be fun as hell to see Becky on the dark side. She has the charisma for it and look of a heel, if they give her a chance to shine at it. Solid match from Carmella and Charlotte Flair though to end SmackDown Live. Charlotte won, so she is now entered into the Women's title match at Summerslam. This build should be good from here on out. My grade for the show is at the bottom of this post.

Overall thoughts on SmackDown Live: Great show, the feuds are well produced for Summerslam. I'm invested in most of the rivalries so far, others may take a bit more time, but I was happy with the result of this show. Left me intrigued for next week's show.


Gargano gets some Black Mass for his troubles

MY TAKE: We opened with a nice match between Heavy Machinery and The Mighty. Nice little match, nothing too special, just a solid outing from both teams.

Moustache Mountain v Matt Knotts and Brandon Taylor

Another nice tag team match here. Moustache Mountain, after the match, announced they will invoke their rematch clause against Undisputed Era at TakeOver: Brooklyn IV. Should be a fun match.

EC3 v Kona Reeves

Loved this match. Great from both guys. EC3 is fantastic. I'm a big fan of his. Kona reminds me a bit of Velveteen Dream, but he's still got some charisma and stands out a bit from the crowd, so to speak. I like it. Look forward to seeing what he does from here on out. During the match, Velveteen Dream himself came out and told EC3, if he wants to settle their past differences, he will have to come to the "Dream's World" in order to do so. When Dream left, Reeves tried to sneak the upper hand on EC3, but didn't work. EC3 hit the One Percent on Reeves for the win. It was later announced that EC3 will face Dream at TakeOver Brooklyn IV. Oh, this match has 10 stars written all over it, bay bay (sorry Adam Cole).

Shayna Baszler v Candice LaRae in a non-title match

Great match from these ladies. Shayna has been phenomenal as champion since winning the title. She is something special, plus she's incredibly attractive (my opinion). Candice held her own, like she normally does, both did well, I'm a fan of both ladies, have always been a big fan of LaRae. Even before she met Gargano.

Baszler won the match with the Kirifuda clutch. After the match, continued to beat down LaRae, Kairi Sane came out and helped out LaRae and chased off Baszler. It was then announced after the match that Baszler will defend the title in Brooklyn against Sane. This will be a fun match as well. Can't wait. Hopefully Sane gets the win too. She needs something right now, she's way too f***ing talented and too likable to NOT have a title yet. Remind you of anyone? (ahem, Becky Lynch, ahem).

Johnny Gargano gets laid out by Black Mass

Nice segment with Gargano, Ciampa and Black. Ciampa came out in his first address as the NEW NXT Champion, did his normal heel routine and rubbed it in the faces of the fans and said how Gargano's attempts to ruin the title win failed and how much of a failure Gargano is, etc. Then Black and Gargano came out, Gargano basically said to Black how it was his fault Black lost the title, Black then agreed and laid out Gargano with Black Mass and said "I guess you're right, the reason he's champion IS because of you", to end the show. Really solid stuff and this match, which is now confirmed, will be very VERY good. Unfortunately, it was also announced yesterday that Aleister Black is now injured and will require surgery. What does this do for the match in Brooklyn? Stay tuned to for the latest. Aaron will have you covered. :D

Overall thoughts on NXT: Great and well produced show as always. Grade is below

That's it for another week in WWE. I'm Dylan Fulk, thanks for reading. If you have stuff you want to discuss from this recap, leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter (you can see below)! I appreciate you reading my stuff on, thanks to Aaron for having me on here as always, you guys are awesome! Until next time...

Raw: C
SmackDown Live: A

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