Wrestle Review: Slam Town
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/28/2018 at 01:36 AM

The first-ever WWE women's-only pay-per-view(TNA did it first) was announced on Raw. It's called Evolution(gee, I bet Triple H had a hand in that name). It's shaping up to be a pretty cool night already: Trish, Lita and Charlotte Flair are just a few of the women who have committed. This will be huge for women's wrestling AND for WWE Network. That's my opinion, of course. I'm sure there are some out there who don't think this is a good idea. Maybe they're right. It's not good. It's great!

After Monday's loss, what's next for Bobby Lashley? How does he get to SummerSlam? Does he even get a match at SummerSlam? I'm thinking we'll get our answers in the coming weeks. One SummerSlam match that was made Monday night is very interesting, even if it's not unprecedented.

Well, the stipulation may be unprecedented. Braun Stroman faces Kevin Owens again but this time, if Braun loses even by count-out or DQ, Kevin gets the briefcase. I originally thought this was a terrible idea. Surely Owens will find a way to win the briefcase, right? Common sense says no but since WWE doesn't use common sense, who can say? It does add a lot more intrigue, which is always a good thing.

Randy Orton's promo on Smackdown was golden. There is a certain bit of truth in his promo. When he said he's been in WWE the entirety of his 16 years, unlike Jeff. Jeff did get fired and have a stint with Impact back when they were still TNA. Where does this go and does Nakamura get in the mix, perhaps for SummerSlam?

Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins for the IC title again is perfect, I do wish it was a ladder match, Oh well. AJ vs Joe was signed for SummerSlam on the blue side, as was Becky vs Carmella for the women's title. I'm begging you WWE, give this to Becky. Also, if those WWE announcers hit us with "first time ever" when talking Joe and AJ.... It'd be fine if they said "first time in WWE" but I bet they won't.

Impact Wrestling has really been good lately. Somehow, my season pass got eliminated and I didn't catch it until 7:20. Hopefully that doesn't happen again. Well, as I write this, it's past midnight. Goodnight and keep watching!

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