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This week on the debut of 'A Week with WWE' I am talking the Roman Reigns/Bobby Lashley story, WWE's newest "Evolution", Sasha/Bayley, Styles/Samoa Joe, Becky/Carmella, Tommaso Ciampa becoming NXT Champion and more while we head towards the BIGGEST PARTY OF THE SUMMER, Summerslam! AND NXT's takeover of Brooklyn!

Monday Night Raw: July 23, 2018
SmackDown Live: July 24, 2018
NXT: July 25, 2018


MY TAKE: We started off this week's program (RAW) with a major announcement from Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon and Triple H. Stephanie, Hunter and McMahon have announced an all women's Pay-per-view for October 28th this year, which will feature 50 women from the past, present and future of the company, including Trish Stratus, Lita, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Natalya and many more from NXT, Raw, SmackDown and then some.

MY TAKE: Honestly. Yes, I do like the idea, BUT, I didn't like the presentation of it all. Stephanie did not come off as appreciative of the idea, Triple H should have seemed more emotionally invested in it, but came off kinda weak. Vince just stood there, not really giving a shit. I didn't like it personally. Women in sports is a big deal, hell, women's rights in general are a big issue in America. This segment didn't come off as a big deal and didn't feel like it to me, which is upsetting because I wanna care about these women and the stories they are telling in wrestling, WWE wise. But when the company doesn't really put forth the effort and emotion to carry the message and present it to the audience, it's hard to be invested in what is supposed to be a bigger deal than they let on. Don't get me wrong, I am very proud of the ladies and everything they have accomplished in WWE, but I'm not sold on this idea.... yet.

Another issue I have with this is the lack of respect towards AJ Lee. In my opinion, AJ Lee really had the balls to step forward and use her voice to get Stephanie and WWE's attention on this issue. AJ, who is now a former WWE superstar, was the one who really set off this whole 'revolution' with the women in WWE. It was pretty much all her at one point in time, a time when women were just known as "eye candy" in the eyes of the audience. Which I didn't like by the way. Using women as an object for entertainment is never really okay with me, but that's a whole other conversation I don't wanna get into. But for me, and MANY other fans, AJ Lee was the beginning of this issue. It was her voice. She really set it in stone when she let loose her 'pipebomb' to the diva's divison back in 2013. Since that moment, WWE started giving the women bigger roles, gradually. I especially remember the lovely story between Lee/Paige over the Diva's Championship. What a fantastic story that was, the promos, the emotion, the in-ring work , the psychology, everything was pitch perfect. Another prime example was the AJ Lee and Kaitlyn story over the Diva's Championship. Those two worked SO well together and really told a great story to the audience, the audience became very invested into the feud as well. THAT is how you do it, ladies. Thank you.

But, overall, this whole women's PPV ordeal... meh. Not sold on it just yet. But I will give it the benefit of the doubt. Cause I'm a nice guy.

Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns story:

Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns story has been a bit controversial with the fans of WWE as of late. Mostly because of one Roman Reigns, go figure. The fans are treated to yet, another Roman Reigns v Brock Lesnar match at Summerslam for the Universal Championship. Am I mad about it? I'll let you know in a second. On Raw, Lashley and Reigns had a match to determine who would be the one to face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Reigns won.

MY TAKE: Here's the thing (Hi Jeff Meacham), I don't have a problem with either guy, I believe BOTH are worthy of being Universal Champion at this point, hell, Vince McMahon is worthy of being Universal Champion at this point, if it means getting it off Brock Lesnar. I think Reigns v Lesnar, if given the opportunity, could tell a fantastic story at Summerslam. Will that happen? I don't know. We still have a few weeks until the event and I honestly think this whole match for the Universal Title could go either way at this point. Who knows what WWE has up their little sleeves. What do I want to see? I wouldn't mind seeing Reigns v Lesnar, personally. I think they have good chemistry in the ring and they pull off some good matches in the end. I wanna see Lashley v Reigns v Lesnar v Owens at Summerslam. Here's how, Owens is going to be facing Braun Strowman at Summerslam for the MITB briefcase. I would have Owens win the briefcase, Strowman gets disqualified, Strowman then goes on a rampage at Summerslam, attacks Lesnar, Reigns and Lashley before their match starts (which would be billed as a Triple Threat at this point), just have Strowman be so irate and lay waste to the Beast and company, when Strowman finally leaves looking strong as ever, have Owens run down with the contract, cash it in and make the match a Fatal 4 Way over the Universal Title, but make it unwantingly for Owens, because he's a heel and wants to pin someone really quick, but it backfires on him and now he has to fight his way to win the title. Have the four guys just beat each other up for a bit and I would have Owens pin Lashley to gain the championship, even though I'm pissed at Brock being champion and would want him to be pinned, but nonetheless, that would never probably happen. Ever. Damn. But I would have Owens be the top heel champion on Raw, and he can feud with Lashley, Reigns and Strowman from then on and maybe the remainder of the year. But that's me.

This whole Reigns/Lashley story has been weird overall. Very 50/50 on Vince's behalf. He doesn't know WHO he wants to push between these two guys. I'm hoping something shapes up here in the next few weeks or I will just be in aw.

Sasha Banks and Bayley story:

- This week, Sasha and Bayley are apparently on the same page... for now. And it looks like they aren't in actual love with one another. They aren't lesbians... yet. They teamed up to face a couple of jobbers on Raw and all that nice stuff.

MY TAKE: Just turn these two lesbians. Pull the trigger on something different for once. WWE is trying to be about equality for all humans, yet have not had a romantic angle between the same sex? Get some guts, there, McMahon. I think it would be a good idea and would bring some new demographics to the WWE, in audience terms. In my opinion. These two have good chemistry together and it makes sense because they're good friends, have a long history and it could be very fun and and an interesting dynamic. Do I think the lesbian angle will happens between them? I'll give it time. WWE may actually surprise us here. What does all this lead to at Summerslam? I have no f***ing clue. Maybe Sasha turns heel on Bayley and they have a match? Or vice versa, Bayley turns on Sasha? Or they become lesbians and tag team against another pair of women at Summerslam? I don't know. It's weird right now.

SmackDown Live:

MY TAKE: Becky Lynch and Carmella story:

- This week on SmackDown Live, Becky Lynch defeated Carmella in a non title match to win the right to face Carmella for the title at Summerslam.

MY TAKE: It's about damn time they pull the trigger with Becky Lynch. I mean, shit, it's not like Becky isn't the most likable damn woman in WWE right now (or the last few years since coming to the main roster). I'm glad she's getting her much earned and deserved shot at summerslam. Do I think she wins? I do think she wins. Carmella's reign has been extremely underwhelming to me since winning the title. She's just not championship material to me, sorry not sorry superfans of Carmella. She sucks as champion. But that's me. Becky wins at Summerslam, let Carmella have her rematch on SmackDown or something, let Becky move on and face Charlotte or Asuka.

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe story:

- On SmackDown this week, Paige was set to reveal the new challenger for AJ Styles and the WWE title for Summerslam. While trying to do so, James Ellsworth came out and made the challenge to Styles for the title at Summerslam. Yeah, that didn't go over well, as he then got in a back and forth with Paige, Ellsworth made fun of Paige and all that cool stuff. Paige then fired Ellsworth from SmackDOwn Live. He's gone. Who cares. Styles then was attacked by Samoa Joe, which then became known by Paige, that it was Joe she chose to face Styles at Summerslam for the WWE title. It's about time Joe gets another shot at a world title. I'm excited for this feud and this match at Summerslam. It's one everyone has been wanting to see for a while now, it's been a dream match in WWE for some time and it's now happening. YES YES YES.

MY TAKE: Love it. Lets go. Joe v Styles. This feud is going to be great, the match will be phenomenal and I kinda hope Joe wins the title here. But it probably won't happen. Too bad. He'd be a great heel champion on SmackDown. I hope this feud brings some much need credibility to the WWE title, because as of late, it's been a nada. I hope this main events, but we all know that aint happening. But at least its happening. Be happy, you hardcore fans.

Miz and Daniel Bryan story:

- On Smackdown, in the main event segment, Miz held a celebration party for his new reality series 'Miz and Mrs' on the uSA network.

MY TAKE: Loved the segment. Miz is just so fantastic as a heel. But we all know that already. Miz trashed Daniel Bryan, per usual, Miz went to show a promo for the reality series, but it was more of a mocking towards Miz, due to Daniel Bryan. Who later came on screen and said he wants to confront Miz, but not backstage, in the ring. Out comes Bryan and he's stopped by "security", he beats them up quick, gets in the ring, Miz is holding what seems to be his new born baby, Monroe Sky, but it turned out to be a fake when he tossed the baby at Bryan and laid Bryan out after, to end the segment. The whole segment was great and brought some attention to the new reality series that premiered after SmackDown. It was a great segway. Nicely done, Miz. I can't wait for this match at Summerslam as well. I say Miz wins this one at Summerslam, Bryan gets his win back at Wrestlemania next year. It's an early prediction, I know, but whatever. It needs to go down like that.


MY TAKE: Tommaso Ciampa is the NEW NXT Champion:

- On NXT this week, we saw Tommaso Ciampa face Aleister Black for the NXT Title in the main event. Ciampa defeated Black to become the NEW NXT Champion, with some interference from Johnny Gargano.

MY TAKE: This match was fantastic from start to finish. Tommaso Ciampa has been incredible as a heel and will obviously make a great heel champion for the brand going forward. He has the heel heat and has the talent to pull this reign off. Black put up a great fight, but with interference from Gargano, it was only just a distraction for Black to try and retain. What does this lead to? Well I would assume this leads to a triple threat match at TakeOver between Ciampa, Gargano and Black for the NXT title. That's my guess and it kinda seems the route they're going for, which will be great. I'm excited to see how this Ciampa reign will play out.

Ricochet and Adam Cole story:

- on NXT this week, we also got the start of another feud and what should be a great feud and match at TakeOver Brooklyn as well between Adam Cole (BAY BAY) and Ricochet over the North American Championship.

MY TAKE: I loved the segment between Cole and Ricochet. Ricochet had a great showing and Cole looked solid as well. This feud should be really fun, much like the Velveteen Dream/Ricochet feud previously.

Speaking of Dream... I wonder what the plans are for Velveteen Dream at TakeOver Brooklyn?

There has been some speculation that Dream and John Cena will have a match soon. But it wasn't revealed whether or not it would happen on the main roster or in NXT. There has been some much talked about ideas about having John Cena come to NXT and put one of the talents over, the obvious choices being either Adam Cole or Velveteen Dream. I would LOVE to see Cena v Dream at TakeOver Brooklyn OR on the main roster. The feud and match would be fantastic on so many levels. And Cena putting Dream over would really set off Dream's career on the main roster. I wanna see it... NOW!

Well, that's pretty much it for this week in WWE. I'm Dylan Fulk and I hope you enjoyed this little column I put together. This will be a weekly segment for So, leave some comments, discuss these topics with me and some other NoDQ readers below. I'll see you guys next week.

My grades for each show are below

Raw: C-
SmackDown Live: A-

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