On the Mark - Roman Reigns Is So Fetch
Submitted by Joshua Evans on 07/25/2018 at 05:21 PM

By Josh Evans (@factfreemedia on Twitter)

ďStop trying to make ďfetchĒ happen! Itís not going to happen!Ē Ė Regina George

Nope, this column isnít misplaced. Iíve just been recalling this phrase a lot lately when watching WWE.

This iconic line from 2004ís Mean Girls rings in my ears each and every time Roman Reigns appears on my screen. It also quickly follows any utterance of the phrase ďTHE BIG DOG!Ē by Michael Cole. Itís usually accompanied by a deep exhale, an eye roll, and the sudden urge to stop paying attention to whatever is on the screen.

Simply put, like a portion of the WWE Universe, I have a clear-cut case of Roman Fatigue.

Now, if youíre expecting a Roman Hate column, you wonít find it here. Roman is over and is no doubt the face of the company.

In fact, this really has nothing to do with Roman.

Itís not his fault.

If anything, his only perceived ďcrimesĒ are being too talented, too good-looking, and too charismatic. In reality, Roman Reigns ticks all the boxes of a traditional babyface and the WWE is sticking to how that specific star has been booked FOREVER and that, for me, is the heart of my real issue.

Babyfaces should lose in order to keep heat on whoever they are chasing in order to build sympathy with the audience and that is fundamental storytelling. Itís why Luke didnít kill Vader in Episode 4, why Rocky didnít beat Apollo in Rocky, and why Mario still fights Bowser.

But thatís not exactly how our entertainment works now.

We live in a hot-take, hot-n-ready, world. Everything moves faster. We want everything now or in as little time as possible. We donít want ties Ė we want winners and losers. If the team struggles Ė fire the coach or trade the players. Donít tell us Roseís story Ė stick to Lukeís. (BTW: I love TLJ, donít @ me!)

But with Roman, all of it has taken too long to pay off, and it seems like heís shouldering the blame for years of booking decisions that were no fault of his own:

Roman didnít hotshot himself into the championship picture as soon as The Shield broke up.

Reigns didnít fail to book Daniel Bryan for the 2015 Royal Rumble.

He didnít choose to book Rollins to cash in and win at WM31 while Reigns was at his absolute hottest (a fantastic moment) and Iím going to assume that it wasnít his idea to lose to Brock again at not only WM34, but also Greatest Royal Rumble.

Creative is to blame for all that.

Bad luck in the form of contagious illness scuttled any goodwill that might have come along with The Shield reunion last fall.

Now, could Roman do some things better? Sure.

He certainly didnít help himself by being suspended for violating the wellness policy while WWE Champion in June 2016 and killing any momentum from a program with former Shield-mates Rollins and Ambrose.

Reigns also continues to wear the tactical vest and cargo pants that he wore while a member of The Shield which makes his gear seem a bit boring after 5 years (also, even DíLo Brown wonders why no one makes a big deal out of Roman wearing that vest!).

Finally, his handsome face is rather punchable while playing the cocky babyface.

In fact, Roman has been most interesting in the past year or so when heís been on the arrogant side of things, be it with AJ Styles or The Undertaker, because he naturally gets heat. Heís a big, talented guy and the underdog angle doesnít work for him because WE know heís been on top for so long.

And thatís why creative should turn him heel for a stretch and hook him up with The Authority.

He should be a heel long enough to ďresetĒ the character by being a badass, smug, unbeatable corporate heel.

Long enough so that when Reigns has had enough of being Triple Hís errand boy (as he used to call Seth Rollins) and rebels against them or when The Authority feels like heís outlived his usefulness and they turn on Roman, it feels like something major is happening.

Long enough so that when his Shield brothers save him, it means something.

Not forever.

Just long enough.

Romans greatest potential lies in being a strong babyface because he IS one. But he canít hit that potential without starting over and to start over in wrestling means either a turn or to go away and WWE would be foolish to bench Reigns for a long stretch.

Itís imperative that WWE finds a way to reset fan perception of its most bankable star quickly, just the same as they once had to with a stale Bret Hart.

Make Roman Reigns matter again.

Make Roman Reigns a heel.

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