The X-Factor: The Women's (R)Evolution
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 07/25/2018 at 05:06 AM

The first-ever all-women WWE event, and they named it “Evolution”. Yeah, that makes sense. It’s named after an all-male faction, which was created by Triple H in the midst of his “Reign of terror”, and it was a remix of the Four Horsemen. How about a more appropriate name?

It would be unfair to say that women’s wrestling hasn’t progressed on the main roster. In the last three years, the women have wrestled in an Iron Man match, had their first Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, and in one PPV alone, a Hell in a Cell and main event.

As much as I don’t like him personally, Triple H deserves a ton of credit for his work with the women on NXT. Unfortunately, the main roster is another story. I won’t get into who specifically has failed, but we can blame both both Kevin Dunn and Stephanie McMahon. Dunn thinks a lady’s sex appeal is all that matters. As for the Billion Dollar bitch, her insistence on the scripted promo – and her constantly taking credit she doesn’t deserve – is only making things worse. She even ran down Charlotte after she kicked Ric Flair to the curb all to stroke her ego. Seriously, her daddy and husband need to rein her ass in!!

Why has Bayley suffered so much? I’ll tell you why. She doesn’t look like Alexa Bliss. Now, I don’t think she’s a bad character. Her work as a heel has been, for the most part, solid. It still doesn’t make everything else right. When Bayley defeated Sasha in back-to-back Takeovers, she seemed to be unstoppable. Last year, she had Bliss dead to rights, but failed to pull the trigger.

Alexa even agreed to body shame Nia Jax, which strikes me as hypocritical since she was an anorexic. Nia turned around and went bully on Ronda Rousey.

Is it really Vince’s fault? Or is this Dunn and his rampant misogyny? Wouldn’t be the first time he sabotaged an NXT talent.

Sidebar: I’ve been pondering this for a while. All of this effort from the Game to make the women look like legit stars in their own right. It might be because he has three daughters and wants to set a good example. Or, it could be guilt over how he ruined Chyna’s life.

Ok, moving on.

If something good happens on NXT, it’s genuine. On the main roster, they’re throwing us a bone.

That HIAC match I mentioned earlier was between Sasha and Charlotte, which had the latter winning in the other’s hometown. A buzzkill to be sure. Also, the first MITB didn’t show Carmella actually retrieving the briefcase. It was thrown to her by James Ellsworth.

The first women’s Royal Rumble was a landmark to be sure. Asuka winning was a feel-good moment for the hardcores. Then “Bad Reputation” blared on the speakers, signaling the debut of Ronda Rousey. Not sure I would call it raining on Asuka’s parade in the strictest sense. It was a night to remember.

I learned a few years ago that Triple H would ad-lib and be a smart-ass whenever he feuded with The Rock during the Attitude Era. Dwayne didn’t take kindly to that, and I’ve chalked it up to Triple H being jealous of the Great One due to his place on the pecking order next to Steve Austin. He once called him “The Crock” and a farce. He has to keep making himself feel better.

I don’t doubt his actions were motivated by jealousy, but maybe there was something else going on. Triple H likes to see people do their own thing with promos.

At what point does it get better?

Don’t mess with the X.

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