Wrestle Review: Weekly Musings
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/20/2018 at 11:14 PM

Some interesting developments can occur in WWE that don't go down on Monday and Tuesday. This afternoon, we get word that Raw commisioner Stephanie McMahon will be on Raw Monday night. Stephanie has become like Vince in that whenever she shows up, something big seems to come of it. Word is she has a big announcement and, as expected, speculation abounds. One guess is that she announces an all-women's event. That would certainly be most awesome and well deserved.

However, I have another guess as to what the announcement could be. She hasn't been at all pleased with GM Kurt Angle. I'd say that she fires Kurt Angle and names Baron Corbin the new GM. God help us if that is the case. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if a yes-man or woman is the new GM. That's been a McMahon staple, a WWE staple, since the days of Commissioner Slaughter back in the late '90's.

Roman Reigns will officially become #1 contender(again) to Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship for SummerSlam. Oh well.... That's not what I'm looking forward to anyway from Crock Lesnar. I'm hoping Braun cashes in. I'm getting ahead of myself. On the Smackdown side of things, after a solid show this past week, Paige announced that, this Tuesday, she will announce AJ Styles' challenger for SummerSlam. I'm sure everyone knows by now that it'll be Samoa Joe. That should be great. Of course, we'll probably have to deal with the announcers saying "for the first time ever". I hope they at least go with this truth-first time in WWE. Either way, this match will be good!

Big-time heel Randy Orton has returned! That one thing he did Tuesday night was better and more impactful than his entire previous face run. I'd say we're heading for Hardy vs Nak vs Orton at SummerSlam. I'd say one-on-one but I think Shin and Randy still have issues.

Sunday, just hours before non-Extreme Rules, it was announced that Hulk Hogan has returned to WWE. Hey, maybe he's going to be the new Raw GM. Okay, I'm joking. Maybe that doesn't happen. Who knows what WWE is going to do. They're bound to do anything. I'm reserving comment for now.

My recorder deleted the series timer for Impact Wrestling. If I hadn't caught it at 8:20 Thursday night, I wouldn't have gotten any of it. Most of the show was packages hyping the matches for Slammiversary. I commend them for the production and time they've put into their biggest show. Another musing I had from this week of Impact: the slow erosion of the Grado/Katarina relationship has escalated. I wonder when the break-up takes place? I say this is what they should do: Grado goes on a hot streak and gets a big match. Katarina and Joe turn on Grado in said match. Or they could go the route of the secret attack. They seem to like that scenario.

I'm still catching up on my New Japan tapings. It's good to hear Jim Ross calling matches on a weekly basis. It's also good to see some pretty great wrestling.

Whatever you watch, the coming weeks should be interesting. From the fallout of Sunday's Slammiversary to the build to SummerSlam and the goings on of New Japan, including the unraveling of Chris Jericho, all signs point to some very interesting times ahead.

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