Wrestle Review: Excited For Difference
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/13/2018 at 11:23 PM

I don't recall being less excited about a WWE event than Sunday's "Extreme" Rules. I put extreme in quotations because there are really only 3 extreme rules matches on the main card. Pretty soon, Extreme Rules will be just like Night Of Champions was before they discontinued it: not a single match of the extreme variety. I will, however, go through the show.

Andrade Cien" Almas in the kick-off match is criminal. It is, however, par for the course of an NXT guy called up to the main roster. They better not have him lose to Sin Cara because, let's be honest, this may be the only match Almas has on TV for a month. That's pretty much how WWE does things. I would think, since they re-signed Mysterio, maybe they could pair them up in sort of a student/teacher role. At some point, Almas turns on Rey, leading to a match,

New Day and Sanity in a tables match: I love the match. I hate the idea that it's on the kickoff show. This is one of the few extreme matches you have on the card. I would've wanted to showcase it on the main stage, not when people are filing in. Sanity needs to, and should, win this match.

Fin Balor facing Constable Corbin is....let's be honest, Corbin is winning. If this match were before Corbin's new gimmick, I'd say both guys need this win. Since Corbin's push, which I'm glad they're doing, he's on a roll. I like this feud. It gives both guys a pretty high profile program. One that they desperately need. Plus, I have to think this feud is pushing Fin to something big. Stay tuned!

"Woken" Matt and Bray vs the B Team for the Raw tag titles might surprise. The B Team has crazy momentum lately, winning some singles matches against the champs. That said, I expect Bray and Matt to retain. The B Team could win the titles and lose them the next night. That wouldn't surprise me either.

Carmella defending the blue brand's women's title against Asuka with Elsworth suspended above a shark cage....are we really to believe James won't find a way to get out of the cage and help 'Mella retain? That's what I expect. Alexa Bliss defending the Raw women's title against Alexa Bliss in an extreme rules match...and who is the heel this week? I swear, I think WWE is trying to get Ni to more heel/face turns as Big Show. I think Alexa retains and they do a third match at SummerSlam. I know Rousey will be there watching. Let's face it: they'll probably have the camera more on Rousey than the actual match.

Shinsuke Nakamura will win his first singles title in WWE at the expense of Jeff Hardy. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't had a title already. Ziggler vs Rollins 30 minute ironman match for the I-C title should be a beauty! I say Dolph retains, seeing that Drew is in Ziggler's corner. I'm wondering how long before Drew turns on Dolph and we get that eventual Drew vs Dolph for the title? Because you know Seth is earmarked for a Universal title push. I'm hopeful, at least.

The Bludgeon Brothers retain the Smackdown tag team titles against Team Hell No. Read that sentence again. It sounds crazy, I know. Miz will make sure Bryan loses. This will set up Daniel Bryan vs Miz at SummerSlam. As far as Kane goes, I think his return is just a one month situation. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Braun Stroman vs Kevin Owens in a steel cage match. It's pretty clear Braun is winning this. Why wouldn't he? He's on a monster roll(pardon the pun). Don't think Braun cashes in to win the title Sunday, though. Can't cash in on a guy who never shows up.

The Raw main event is Reigns vs Lashley. BORING! I groan whenever these guys are on screen. Is this supposed to be an unofficial #1 contender match? They alluded to it once but never clarified. Oh well. Reigns wins. The Smackdown main event is AJ defending the WWE Championship against Rusev. No chance Rusev wins the title. Absolutely none. I tell you what I hope, though. I'm hoping Samoa Joe shows up to confront Styles post-match, setting up a SummerSlam WWE Championship match between the two.

Impact Wrestling is doing their best to get me interested in Slammiversary. I did look up last year's main event. It was Lashley vs Del Rio. Del Rio is nowhere to be found and Lashley is back in WWE. I'm betting Lashley wishes he was back in Impact. This year's main event of Moose and A Double, as well as other matches, are pretty interesting. I must say, I'm a little more interested in Slammiversary than I am Not-So-Extreme Rules.

I've been catching up on my New Japan recordings. I'm a few week behind. Anything I'd write about, you'd probably say "but that already happened". I'll close on this: who are the guys in WWE now who could do great in New Japan? The first name to come to my mind? Seth Rollins. Also, Kevin Owens would be great in New Japan. There are endless fantastic matches that could take place. I'll end on this: how about ROH holding an event in Madison Square Garden? Vince must've been fuming over that announcement. If it happens, I think it's great for the business.

This is quite a time to be a wrestling fan. Enjoy whatever promotion(s) you want. Don't let anyone tell you what to watch.

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