Wrestle Review: Almost Gone?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/06/2018 at 10:57 PM

If WWE does what I think they're going to do, they are a bunch of stupid idiots. Granted, their programming lately has proven that they have some stupid idiots writing. What I'm referencing this time, however, is the Daniel Bryan situation.

His contract is up in September and, if reports are to be believed, the two sides are very far apart on negotiations. So far, in fact, that I don't think they'll be able to come to terms in just two short months. I fully believe WWE knows they're about to let go of Danielson. Look at what has transpired since he returned to a WWE ring: dream match after dream match. Word is he'll have some matches against Miz with the blowoff of Bryan's WWE career coming at SummerSlam with Miz defeating Bryan.

It'd certainly be typical of WWE's treatment of Bryan. He's a little guy, obviously. Vince likes bigger guys. Triple H does as well. Yes, Triple H runs NXT. Is it any wonder that most guys who were hot in NXT are cold as ice on the main roster? Look at Cien Almas. Has he done anything on main except for backstage vignettes?

Honestly, I think WWE brass will hold a party once Bryan's contract expires. They won't care that he'll go to Ring Of Honor or somewhere else. They'll just be overjoyed that they "got rid of the little guy". That can be WWE's new slogan: we get rid of the little guy.

Is his last match on a WWE event going to be a loss to the Miz at SummerSlam? Most likely. If they don't get a deal done, it's pretty much assured his last match will be a loss. Maybe Vince will really stick it to him and have him be a heel and Miz be the face. I wouldn't put it past him.

Obviously I hope this doesn't come to pass. It'd be a shame if WWE let Bryan slip out the door. If he did, however, where would he go? Back to ROH? Would he go to New Japan? Evolve? Probably not since they seem to be possibly teaming up with WWE.

WWE has lots of new Team Hell No merch. It makes no sense they just chuck it. Then again, they released a new Shield shirt when they got back together. Dean got injured and the Shield was no more. That didn't last long. This probably wont, either.

Onto other news: What are they doing with Fin Balor? Are they actually *gasp* giving him a good storyline? Time will tell where this goes but they're seemingly giving Balor the Bryan treatment. You remember back in the authority days? Deja vu?

Next week I'll have my Extreme Rules preview. I'll end this week, however, discussing Impact Wrestling a bit. The upcoming mask vs hair match at Slammiversary between Sami Callahan and Pentagon, Jr is an interesting one. They've already had Sami rip off Pentagon's mask. I think Pentagon goes over. I mean, he IS a former world champion. The best thing actually happened at the end of the show. The new LAX jumped ExLAX. I really hope that's what they call them. What comes our way next week is anyone's guess. We'll just have to wait and see.

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