The Dream is REAL - Story of Velveteen Dream
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The Dream is REAL - The Story of Velveteen Dream


Welcome to my first ever column to be introduced to you, the readers! These things are straight from the heart, with little charisma and a whole lot of winging it. With these ordeals, I just wing it, from the heart, how I really feel about whatever it is I'm writing to you lovely readers. It sounds cornier in my head, don't worry. This first edition is pretty special, because it involves two things I adore in wrestling. Characters and Skill. This guy I'm writing about has both, beyond a normal measurement. He's only 22 years old and he's a whole character within 20 other characters, at least.

I'm talking about: The Velveteen Dream

Patrick Clark is his real name. He performed and was apart of a little reality show called 'Tough Enough' where we saw Patrick Clark and not so much Velveteen then. But, boy did he transform himself into a sports entertainment character fast. Maybe too fast some say, but that's not in a bad way at all. Clark wasn't too much to brag about during his tenure with Tough Enough, he seemed a bit lost-ish at the time, of course he was a lot younger then and we, as fans, were thinking, "yeah, I don't know about what this guy is gonna do in this business". Boy, were we in for a helluva surprise a few years down the line.

Clark was born on August 19, 1995. Yes, 1995. He's younger than me for God's sake. (I really need to figure out my priorities in life now, haha). He was born in Washington, D.C and started training to be a wrestler, maybe even a sports entertainer, at Maryland Championship Wrestling, where after only 4 months of training, he officially began his professional career. He won the MCW Tag Titles with now, 205 Live member, Lio Rush. During the year 2015, Clark worked for other various promotions including, World Xtreme Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling (where Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley had his stomping grounds at one point) and Lancaster Championship Wrestling, just to name a few.

Also, in 2015, Clark became a contestant on, what I was talking about earlier, Tough Enough, the sixth season to be exact. Where he shared the spotlight with Mandy Rose, Chelsea Green (Laurel Van Ness from Impact Wrestling) and Sonya Deville. Clark was out by the time the 5th episode came to bout. But, in the end, I guess you can say he really didn't need that shit afterall. I bet he's proud about that as well, haha. After his run on Tough Enough, Clark made his NXT debut, not on television, on February 5, 2016. against Riddick Moss, in losing fashion. He, then, made his NXT TV debut against Austin Aries, in losing fashion, on July 20 of that same year.

October 19th rolled around for Clark, when he returned to NXT television to confront, then NXT Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. In which Nakamura beat him down and all that, touche Nak, touche. March 1st, the following year rolled around, where Clark got his fist televised win over Sean Maluta. And now, we're starting to get over ya'll.

May 24, 2017, the Dream.. was born.

On May 24, NXT, Clark made the debut of one of the most charismatic and invigorating characters we've seen in WWE, in a long ass time, a Prince styled character by the name of... Velveteen Dream. In September of that year, Dream began, what would end up being, the best feud of 2017 in all of professional wrestling, with Aleister Black. This feud had everything you wanted in a wrestling feud, charismatic characters, superb writing, mind games and all around fantastic performances on both ends of the spectrum. Dream and Black went onto deliver one of the single best NXT TakeOver matches I and most of others have ever seen and didn't think "Patrick Clark" was even able to put up in wrestling. His match with Black at TakeOver: War Games won Match of the Year at the NXT awards at the end of 2017. We're not surprised by this either.

After his feud with Black, Dream went onto have a small feud with Johnny Gargano over an NXT Title opportunity. Somewhat during this, he was also involved in a feud with Kassius Ohno, who he then ended up having a match with at TakeOver: Philadelphia. The match was a bit meh, but Dream made the best of it. You work with what you're given, right? Right. In the end, Dream got the win over Ohno. Then came one of the best Ladder matches most of us had ever seen, at TakeOver: New Orleans, Dream was then apart of a Ladder match to crown the first ever North American Champion in NXT, in which Adam Cole (Bay Bay) would end up winning to become the champ. But damn did Dream have a 5 star performance in his own right during that match. Sweet Baby Jesus.

Soon after this match and event, Dream went onto having another 5 star, maybe even 10 star at this point, sorry Meltzer, I have my own star rating, douchebag. HA. Anyways, Dream began an awesome feud with Ricochet, which became a match at NXT TakeOver: Chicago in June of this year. Dream v Ricochet went onto having a 25+ minute match, which became an instant classic as soon as the bell rang. This match was simply phenomenal from start to finish, both performers gave it almost their all and it delivered in the end. The match was instantly praised by MANY from the get-go. Most of us knew this match was going to be a showstopper for both men. Dream, again, proved he can hang with just about anyone in the business, no matter the caliber of performer they happen to be. And yes, this is kind of a shoot towards one John Cena. Hey Cena, come to NXT, your "dream" is about to be realized. ;)

Main Event

​I want to get to my main event of this column here, after giving you guys a little bit of the background for Clark. I want to let you know why I put this man over so much over social media, to my family, etc. Velveteen Dream has something that lacks in pro wrestling these days, and in the new modern era. A full, non- two dimensional, nothing careless or cliche about it, character that is way too likable for its or his own good. This character Clark created doesn't just OOZE charisma and flamboyance, it oozes championship, main event, Vince McMahon likeness in the long run. A lot of folks out there are believing McMahon himself will bury Dream once he comes to the main roster, that, Dream will become a certified jobber and start being fed to guys like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Will or do I think this will happen?

No. No I don't. Here's why. Vince, at the end of the day, loves him some controversy. And I am willing to bet money that he sees that kind of characteristics, which most of us with a brain does, in Velveteen. McMahon likes the guy. He likes the character. He knows this guy is gonna make him money. I'm even willing to bet Vinny himself will give full creative control to Dream when he comes to the main roster. He can cut a promo like no one's business. He's got the performance level up there with Flair, Michaels, Macho and Steamboat. Four of the greatest in ring workers in any era. Dream has all the tools to be a World Champion in this modern, somewhat delusional era in wrestling. I care so much about characters in wrestling. I care about the performance. I give a shit. To say the least. And when I see a character like Dream, I get gritty inside and feel that there is legit hope for this sport ahead of time.

I don't think Velveteen Dream will be buried. Not one bit. He should be right up there with the Roman Reigns' and the Seth Rollins' and the AJ Styles', competing for the World title in a grand stage like Wrestlemania. But let's be real here, do I believe he will honestly get these chances in the long run? I'm not entirely sure. I mean, hey, if Carmella and Jinder Mahal have chances, why can't the Dream, eh? That's right. Not a shot to Jinder and 'Mella, but I mean, come on, it's true. It's damn true. (hi Kurt). Dream is going to be much like CM Punk in a way, make the best of bad situations, if he's given bad material or ordeals. He's one of those types of performers. Even right up there with Chris Jericho. Jericho can make anything look good. Even if it's cheesy or corny and all that crap.

I hope McMahon sees the Dream the way WE see the Dream. He's a hard worker, he's created a brand of his own from scratch and made it into the most compelling character since Macho Man. In my opinion anyways. I think 2019 is going to be the true year of the Dream in WWE. He's gonna make it guys, he's gonna make it. I have hope out there.

Who do I want to see Dream feud with on the main roster?

There's a few names right off the top of my head I can think of that Dream could tangle with in the ring when he eventually comes to the main stage. John Cena, Seth Rollins, Adam Cole (when he comes up), Lashley, Styles, Zayn, Ambrose, Almas. Maybe even have him go into an intergender feud with someone like Asuka or Charlotte. Change things up a bit. Something fresh and different. He has the right character to do it. Dream can be in a feud with Hornswoggle and make it Feud of the Year. Just sayin'. He's literally that good.

When will Dream win a World Title on the main roster?

Interesting. I really don't know when he will win a World Title on McMahon's stage. Very interesting. I wanna say not right away, but if Vince is high enough on the guy, which I'm not too sure about right now, I'd say there's a decent chance he'll be going right into a world title feud. But, realistically, I don't see it happening right away. I think McMahon will see the Dream for who he is and what he actually is as a performer down the line. It will take a bit of time, but he'll get there. Is he a better chaser for a title? Like Bryan or Reigns? Or does he win it right away. I'd say let him chase it. The chase is fun. It's intriguing.

Will he be buried on the main roster?

No. Because the fans won't let it happen. Simple as that. The hardcore fans of pro wrestling LOVE Velveteen and I doubt they will let him be buried on McMahon's playground. Not gonna happen. Good luck trying though, Vince. Just sayin'.

How far can Dream actually go as a character on the main roster?

Dream has a very interesting dynamic to him as a character, because he can go either way in the sense that he proves a few things on the main roster. If he can sell the merch, perform at a top level with the Reigns' and the Cena's and the Strowman's and all that. In another sense, he can end up being a CM Punk type character, where you're not really something until YOU make it something for yourself, much like Punk did in 2011 with the pipebomb. If you can find that one thing that will make you truly stand out to Vince and the audience, you have made it big. It only takes that one thing. Just one thing. So, do I think he can go far on the main roster? Yes. Goldust made it this far with his character, so, I mean, yeah. Definitely possible.

I think I covered just about everything there is to cover here for you guys. This was fun talking to you all about a great performer and great wrestler, all around great guy in Velveteen Dream. He is indeed OVER and he will remain OVER. And that's all I have to say on the matter.

If you enjoyed this column and discussion, leave a comment, share this with your buds and praise me for what I am, a genius. No, but seriously, leave some feedback, I enjoy some honest feedback. I'm a character sometimes in my own right and who knows, I might put you over sometime. *wink*.

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