The X-Factor: Finding the good
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 06/25/2018 at 12:05 PM

Lot of talking points after MITB í18.

Big Cass getting fired? Thatís just what happens when youíre a douchebag backstage. Bill Morrissey just wasnít that relevant unless Enzo Amore was around for him to bounce off of. They had a falling out, but unless they make amends I donít see Cass becoming a star again.

ďWhat did she think was gonna happenĒ is what the ďmarksĒ would be saying about Alexa Bliss the night after MITB. The cash-in protects Ronda and her actions the next night reminded everyone that sheís a badass who could easily wrench your arm out of its socket.

Now, as for Roman Reigns, I donít think Vince McMahon is as out of touch as you think. All these years you donít think he knew how Chicago would take that match? He knew they would hi-jack that bout and therefore create a major talking point on the dirt sheets. Vince wanted people to talk about it.

Ok, thatís out of the way.

Anyone whoís read my posts knows Iím a Reigns fan. Why? For the same reason I didnít join the ďCena sucksĒ side. I didnít want to be a sheep among other things.

The smart fans had it out for John Cena who would become the franchise player in spite of the mixed crowds. No matter how many times he proved his critics wrong, people refused to admit they themselves were wrong. Reigns deals with that now, but worse.

The haters have been content to throw them a lot of shade to the point itís irrational. Some people donít want to see the good. Same deal with admitting the truth.

Hereís an example. The Invasion in 2001 flopped, and that had as much to do with Vinceís ego as well as those stars who chose to sit out their guaranteed contracts. The good that came from it tends to get overlooked: Kurt Angleís popularity went through the roof; it brought Chris Jericho to the main event; Rob Van Damís star was shining brightly; and Edge broke out on his own.

Itís kinda funny looking at the criticism Vince Russo gets. Wasnít it Russoís creative style that allowed the WWF to start getting higher ratings? For all the criticism he gets, critics seem happy to overlook the good that came from his run as WWFís head writer.

I canít be the only one missing the days when developmental was in the shadows. In 2002, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Batista, and John Cena debuted. All four of them became main eventers. Unlike NXT call-ups now those four had to get to the top on their own merit rather than falling back on their careers before the main roster. I feel like whenever a big NXT star shows up on Raw and they donít get a big push theyíre considered a flop. Had Bayley just arrived and the fans at large didnít know her, things would be different.

The point Iím trying to make is this: you have to try finding the good. Arenít you tired of bashing WWE so much?

Donít mess with the X.

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