Wrestle Review: Crushing
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 06/23/2018 at 01:18 AM

First thing's first, I love that Braun Stroman won Money In The Bank. My friend Chris thought Braun winning was too obvious. I like it. Now, if they just make him champion. I can only imagine they will. Only John Cena, Damien Sandow and Baron Corbin failed at their cash-in. Surely they'll give Braun the title this time. Right?

I feel horrible for Sami Zayn. Two torn rotator cuffs and out for the remainder of 2018. Awful news. Before the Lashley lull, Sami seemed to be getting some sort of a push. I hope things go well for him.

When Enzo and Big Cass were split, all accounts were that Cass was headed for a big push. I mean, Vince loves the big guys, right? They fired Enzo. I thought, "alright, they're probably going to push Cass to the moon". Problem was, Cass was as boring as dirt. Then, Daniel Bryan gets saddled with him. I've never had less anticipation for a Daniel Bryan match than his matches with Cass. A day after MITB, Big Cass went the way of Enzo and was fired. You hate for someone to lose their job. That said, good riddance.

James Elsworth returning Sunday wasn't a huge shock, as I'd read rumors of such a few days prior. I'm actually glad they re-hired him. His character is a pain in the butt, which means he's doing it right. I wonder if we'll see the reignition of his feud with Becky Lynch?

We're getting Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns again, aren't we? There's a multi-man #1 contender match for the Universal absentee title at Extreme Rules. Lashley and Reigns are the first two in. For the life of me, I can't figure why in the world Lashley is in. Anyway, Roman's winning so it really doesn't matter who else is in. I thought it would be Seth, especially since he lost the I-C title to Dolph Ziggler Monday. That's not to be, however, as I hear Seth and Dolph III is happening at Extreme Rules. This obviously means Dolph is retaining Monday, likely with the help of his new buddy Drew.

So, how many guys are in this multi-man match? Doesn't really matter if Reigns is winning, does it? To gear up for Money In The Bank last weekend I watched previous cash-in's on the WWE Network. One such cash-in was Sheamus cashing in on Roman Reigns at Survivor Series after Reigns had won a WWE Championship tournament. Later it was Seth's WrestleMania cash-in at the hands of Lesnar and, once again, Roman Reigns. That got me thinking: instead of the obvious Stroman-Lesnar match, Let's say we get Lesnar-Reigns again at SummerSlam. This time, however, Reigns finally finds a way to win. As he's celebrating, Braun comes out, cashes in and wins the title. It could happen.

Impact Wrestling's KM reminds me of young Biff from the Back To The Future franchise. It's the way he looks and the way he talks. The unraveling of Eddie Edwards continued Thursday. This is honestly some pretty enjoyable TV. I'm liking this storyline. The resurgence of Madison Rayne is awfully impressive. Usually when they bring a former champion back, it's simply to make the newer wrestlers look good. I'm glad Madison is not only not getting squashed but winning.

Until next week, my fellow wrestling junkies...

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