Planet Kayfabe: Keep Dreaming, Punk
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Planet Kayfabe: Keep Dreaming, Punk

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By: 'K.C.' | @PlanetKayfabe

It was black-and-white, clear as day, CM Punk was once again shown to be out of his league. This time against a fellow 0-1 fighter named Mike Jackson. You may respect CM Punk for "chasing his dream" but despite what some wrestling fans may think (especially the ones with no knowledge about MMA or any legit sport) there was no moral victory here and when it comes to UFC he should just beat it.

Hello, you've landed once again here on Planet Kayfabe and if you're sick off all the participation trophies that have been handed to Punk in his last two UFC fights, you're not alone. Much like his fight with Mickey Gall the pro-wrestling community, especially those who miss CM Punk and want him to re-join a company that f***ing fired him on his wedding day, made him work knowing he was in really bad shape, then dragged him to cour right before his fight, had their pre-planned tweets ready to showing overwhelming praise over the former entertainer instead of, ya know, the guys who actually won their fights... quite decisively as well. Look, I get it, we all loved Punk in WWE. He was a very good wrestler, an excellent promo and he was even fun on commentary, but in UFC which is supposed to be the elite fighters in the world? CM Punk never had any business being there.

CM Punk did nothing but make wrestling look bad. Some fans want to say this was a moral victory for wrestling fans. How? The guy got out-classed and destroyed. Once by a young legit fighter on the rise and a second time by a guy who you will never hear from again that is now 1-1 in fights. CM Punk showed nothing in this fight. You may think he showed heart and fine, you wanna give him a pat on the back for that, fine. The guy had nothing. No stand up. No ground. Never sustained advantage when going to gain a position. His striking was embarrassing. Those kicks would get him killed if he did those little pirouette twirls against any other fighter on that card. Look, if you think I'm burying him just to pile on, that's not the case. I'm just stating facts. CM Punk was certainly dedicated. He wanted this bad. He trained hard. He wanted nothing more than to prove that he could compete in UFC and instead he looked like a guy that just started sparring sessions and hitting pads a month ago.

If CM Punk wants to continue to "chase his dreams" then I'd love to see how much he enjoys getting his face caved in when he's not getting paid half a million dollars to do it. With UFC in a little bit of a cold period I can see why they would want to give the guy a chance since his name (well... his work name in wrestling) is very well-known in wrestling circles and he could draw a few casual fans in as a curiosity piece. However, it's clear he is out of his league there. I see a lot of fans saying "YOU HAVE TO RESPECT PUNK FOR GOING IN THERE" and... why? Why do I have to? I'll tell you why I don't have to... because I think I and about 95% of you reading this would gladly step in that octagon for half a million. Seriously. Forget the Gall fight. Look at this one. Go in there and spar for 3 rounds. It's 15 minutes of your life and you walk away with half a million. You may be scared, but I bet even you would still do it. I'll tell you when I start respecting Punk's dream chasing, when he goes to a bunch of cage fighters in Bumfuk, Iowa honing his craft and making a name for himself doing nothing fights for $50 and a bag of gloves like all the other guys who are just starting out since he just loves the sport so much. There's a big difference between his dream wanting to be an MMA fighter and his dream being in the UFC. I respect CM Punk's hard work. I respect CM Punk leaving good money in WWE because he was unhappy with his employer and he wanted to move on and did. However, I don't have to respect CM Punk for basically getting on UFC PPV's as a celebrity and nothing more with no athletic background, unlike Brock Lesnar and getting a good pay day just to get embarrassed.

Another thing that baffles me with some fans is how they claim you're "hating" CM Punk if you make the slightest logical critical remark towards him and his UFC venture. It's ridiculous. Take away the name CM Punk. If he was just Phil Brooks. Some random 39 year old from Chicago who watched UFC and had this dream to be on PPV and UFC just decided to put him on there, what would you all be saying? Also, I find it ridiculous when some people call you a "hater" just for doubting that a guy pushing 40 -- FORTY YEARS OLD who took bumps in wrestling for 15 years and was never a competitive athlete and never wrestled in high school and never played any sport... Nothing. Would lose this fight. There was never a doubt in my mind that he would get destroyed again yet for some reason wrestling fans want to play the shallow "haters gonna hate" card when it's simple logic and facts that the blind Punk fanboys who miss him on TV want to ignore. Do these people know what "hate" is? Hate is not pointing out that a guy in his late 30's with no background in combat sports or any sport going into a world where he will be completely in over his head and suggesting that he will not fare well is not "hating". It is simple logical analysis given the facts at hand and perhaps it is the facts that his fans find so offensive, but they are what they are and Punk is what he is... Just an entertainer unfit for the world of legitimate fight competition at this level.

We'll see what Punk does next. Maybe he will in fact do small fights because he loves the sport but seeing him in UFC was like seeing Ted Danson offered a contract from the Boston Red Sox after the series finale of "Cheers". You may think the world of CM Punk in the sports-entertainment realm, ya know maybe even the "best in the world" at one time but this was nothing more than a professional entertainer coming into the world of real, competitive sport in what is supposed to be reserved for the highest level of competition in that genre. Good on Punk for taking an opportunity that was given to him, but we all have dreams beyond our capabilities or our imagination, the only difference is we aren't marquee names that a promotion can make a buck off of. Like I said before, there's nothing stopping Punk from doing MMA if that's really his dream but UFC isn't for him. Ya know, when I was a teenager my dream was to co-headline a world tour with Metallica and that's not going to happen but at least I have a background in music because CM Punk belongs opening for Metallica as much as he belongs on a UFC card on pay-per-view.

CM Punk was pretty much playing with house money here. Another reason why I have some, but very minimal respect for his run as a UFC fighter. Even if he lost, he won. If he won against Jackson it didn't matter because it's not like they would put him against real fighters. He got to "live his dream" for what its worth and get a sweet pay day out of it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Speaking of hypocrisy I also find it pretty funny how wrestling fans are falling over themselves to congratulate CM Punk on doing nothing in the octagon, yet many of these same people feel Ronda Rousey who looked incredible at Wrestlemania and incredible on the European tour should be cutting her teeth on the indy's or taking jobs in NXT before being on the main roster to pay her dues. CM Punk had a glorified sparring session on PPV against a tomato can and it's YAY! GO PUNK! PROVE THE HATERS WRONG! YOU'RE A DREAM CHASER AND TRUE INSPIRATION! But... with Ronda who has done WWE a thousand times better than Punk has done UFC (only really lacking as a promo) there are people who will never accept her chasing her dream as a pro-wrestler because she made her name and fame in a different field. What a crock of bullshit that is.

Maybe CM Punk should look at the man in the mirror because since going to UFC he has come off as a complete fraud. There's been a lot of talk about that podcast he did with Colt Cabana four years ago lately. Remember the time he bitched about part timers coming into WWE and stealing spots from the full time talent who work hard all year to get over just to get a spot? CM Punk going to UFC is essentially that but even worse since he has no background in UFC or MMA or any sport period. Yet here he is on PPV raking in half a million to get his ass handed to him. Again... Tell me what I'm supposed to respect again? You have to take the good with the bad. I can respect his work ethic, but I can't respect the blatant hypocrisy. Again, if you don't see it, there's not much I can say to change your mind other than take off your rose tinted glasses and try to look at the situation objectively.

I guess I have to speak about Corey Graves who timely waited until CM Punk lost to go on some random fit on Twitter about how CM Punk betrayed him and punk rock or some bullshit. Please. Corey give it a f***ing rest. The last thing that comes to my mind when I think of punk rock is a corporate mouthpiece in fancy suits and a frosted pompadour. It was pretty dumb of him to air out his vague personal shit on Twitter and even go as far to tag Vince McMahon and Paul Levesque in it. Maybe these two don't get long anymore because they're too alike apparently being prone to random bitch fits like a couple of petulant children who feel the best option is to let the whole world know in passive aggressive social media posts instead of, ya know, talking to the actual person or a mutual friend that can get you in touch with them. Whatever. This was lame and when it all comes down to it, it came off like Corey Graves was just trying to get himself over by bitching about CM Punk at the most timely moment when everyone on Twitter would be talking about him. If this issue is so personal and he really had to post it on Twitter for us to see, did it not bother him before the fight? Or a week ago? Or 3 years ago? Just now? No, I'm guessing since part of being in the wrestling business is being a professional attention whore and Corey Graves successfully got the wrestling fans taking some of the focus that was on CM Punk and put it on him. Well, Corey congrats. This is about all the attention I'm giving you especially after that lame shit you pulled with Booker T around Wrestlemania, so go sniff some glue if you're that worried about betraying punk rock.

That's about all I have to say. Again, if this piece comes off as harsh or just piling on, that's not my intent. I just see a lot of bullshit on social media and wrestling fans just fawning over CM Punk like he achieved the dream like Rocky Balboa or something. That's hardly the case here. His fans (which I do consider myself a fan of his wrestling career) need to cut the nonsense by simply dismissing everyone that has been critical about CM Punk's time in UFC as "hating". Everyone that doubted his ability is "hating" too. No. They aren't. It's not hate. It's common f***ing sense to say a man pushing 40 with no background in any sport would suddenly waltz in the UFC and stand a chance against anyone. It wasn't a "win for wrestling" or the fans. If anything it just made wrestling look more fake. CM Punk was a great pro-wrestler in his day but he was a professional entertainer. Pro-wrestling is simulated fighting.

Take any analogy you want:

Mark Wahlberg joining the Philadephia Eagles for real.
Tom Cruise joining NASCAR for real.
Sylvester Stallone being on a real boxing PPV.
Bill Murray being in a PBA television tournement.
Adam Sandler being along side Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour.
Ted Danson getting to pitch for the Boston Red Sox.


Now that I put CM Punk, a former professional entertainer, in context, doesn't it sound a little ridiculous... or do you still think those that doubted him are just blind haters? If anything its his fans who showed they are the true blind ones.


Thanks for reading this edition of Planet Kayfabe. CM Punk fans, look, I'm one of your. I loved MITB 2011. I loved the 'Pipebomb' which will probably go down as one of the top 5 most memorable wrestling moments this decade. I'm not that much of a mark for title runs, but sure his 434 day title run was cool and it sucks that Brock has passed it even though he's had a mere fraction of the matches Punk had. However look at this fairly. UFC used Punk to draw in a few casuals during a period where they could use a little boost. The took a celebrity and people came out of curiosity or just to see him get beat because all the astute fans of sport knew exactly how the fights would go down and none of them were surprised, yet I still see a lot of wrestling fans say they were surprised. As I stated earlier there's a difference between Punk's "dream" being in UFC or doing MMA. If he wants to fight, I'm sure and piddly little cage promotion will gladly book him to get some attention, but as far as UFC goes, sorry to say but this experiment was a failure even though I give him all the credit for trying and all the credit for leaving a great job that he hated to try something new and all the credit for the hard work he put into training in the end you have to call it like it is and he just couldn't hang and had no business ever being put on a UFC PPV card.

Follow me over on Twitter @PlanetKayfabe Thanks again for reading, everyone. I'll be back soon with my Money in the Bank preview. Enjoy your week. For NoDQ, I'm K.C. and this is Planet Kayfabe. Take care. See you here next time.

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