Wrestle Review: The Difference
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 06/08/2018 at 11:17 PM

Elias pinning Seth last Monday was, in my opinion, an omen. In fact, the last few weeks, Elias has gotten the upper hand on Seth. Now, usually when a guy continuously gets the upper hand on the champ on TV, said champ retains at the ppv. Will that hold true here, though. There's rumor of Seth getting the SummerSlam shot against the absentee champ. Well, until this week. Now, we could be getting another dose of Roman Reigns vs the Absentee Champ. If Elias goes over at MITB, one would think Seth should get the shot.

Looks like we'll be having a fatal fourway match Monday. Stroman, Balor, Roode and Owens clash in what I hope will main event Raw. Please. dear GOD, do NOT put the Nia-Rousey face-off in the main event of the show. Of course, being WWE, they probably will put it in the 10 pm slot. Another thing to keep an eye on Monday night is Constable Corbin. So, he's going to be a wrestling commissioner? I like that they're doing something with Corbin. We'll see what unfolds.

Like them or not, New Day put on the show of Smackdown. Of course, Miz, Joe and Rusev had a little something to do with that as well. There's not a bad athlete in the bunch and (spoiler alert) one of the guys is on my short list to win Money In The Bank. Truth be told, he's my pick. I bet you can guess who it is. As for the Big Cass/Daniel Bryan thing-well, Bryan's response to Cass wasn't live but on seems lost without being somebody's muscle. I, much like most fans, have no reaction for him.

One of the best things on Smackdown wasn't even on Smackdown. had Bryan's priceless response. I can't wait to hear Cass' bumbled response to "shin-bone to tha dome when yo' mama ain't home". I laughed so hard when I saw that video. I might've had tears in my eyes.

I'll be perfectly honest, Impact wrestling has been pretty good lately. The Sami Callahan/Eddie Edwards stuff may be growing tiresome to some but I want to see where it goes next. They seem to be turning Eddie heel in the process of this feud, going off of what he did to Tommy Dreamer. I still wouldn't be incredible shocked to see an Edwards/Callahan team. I know it sounds insane. Think about it, though. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton feuded violently before Randy joined the Wyatt Family. Bray and Matt feuded violently before forming a team that are now Raw tag team champions. Does Impact have the forethought to do it, though? I think they do. They seem to have turned a corner lately.

That's all for this week. See you next week when we're just days away from Money In The Bank!

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