The X-Factor: Can we just be fans again?
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 05/31/2018 at 04:15 PM

Iíve slacked off. This is the longest Iíve gone without posting a column.

Letís get the obvious out of the way. Theyíve been having a lousy post-Mania season. This is one engine that needs an overhaul. We all know that Vince McMahon is incredibly pigheaded, but heís not the biggest problem.

At first, it was a matter of the fans at large unwilling to accept anything short of Daniel Bryan in the main event. They pushed and pushed, getting what they wanted at WrestleMania XXX.

Except it wound up morphing into a sense of entitlement and hostility. Batista was only the first victim. Now thereís a need to constantly rebel against Vince. Itís not just Roman Reigns.

To say that NXT is a key reason why things will get better when Vince steps down is like saying D-Generation X was the main reason why WWF won the Monday Night Wars. Itís more complicated than that. Triple H has his finger on the pulse in regards to the hardcore fanbase. That doesnít automatically translate to ďnext boom periodĒ. NXT only appeals to a select group of fans, not the people at large.

Thereís also the matter of his self-serving, disingenuous, ego-maniacal wife who wouldnít be shit in this industry without her daddy. Triple H is hardly an improvement. As the last Survivor Series showed, even his own NXT pet projects arenít safe from his ego.

People say ďBring back the Attitude EraĒ, and sometimes I wish we could go back to that. The crowds didnít care so much when we got a bad angle. We didnít talk about who was booking, there was no social media for which to complain, and it was simply an exciting time for everyone involved thanks to the ratings battle. Why? We were just fans.

Remember Sunday Night Heat? Sometimes things happened there before Pay-Per-Views that put the event in doubt. King of the Ring í99 sucked hard, but the Heat preceding it cast doubt on the main event. I miss the ďanything can happenĒ vibe.

Frankie Kazarian was right. We donít know how to be fans anymore.

When I go to Raw or Smackdown, I just enjoy it. I take my title belt(s) and just have a good time.

You wanna know what I miss right now? John Cena. I remember when the crowds turned on him. I never did. He got labeled a bad wrestler, a burial artist, among other things. Now Roman is getting a worse treatment.

The haters tend to see things that arenít there. Cena must be the worst if he got squashed in under 3 minutes by the Undertaker.

Kids are gonna make mistakes in life, but some parentsí perceptions get stuck in ďbad kidĒ mode. Even when they do things right, the parents only see the wrong. Paige was the forerunner of the Womenís Revolution. Then there was a nude photo scandal which resulted in slut-shaming. After that, people were fine to let her be on the sidelines.

Nobody cared about the nude photo scandal when Seth Rollins left Santa Clara with the WWE Championship. All that talk about clean wins meant nothing at One Night Stand í06. Those two moments involved Reigns and Cena, respectively. Double standards happen a lot, donít they?

I still enjoy it, but the other smarks do not make it easy. Letís just be fans again.

Donít mess with the X.

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