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"Hello Mr. Watry,

"I'm an avid reader, and I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoy your articles. I find them very insightful and well-written and I really find your perspective unique. I think what I appreciate most is how little negativity you show. I respect that. I'm honestly not sure why you are met with such resentment and hostility by some of the readers, but I guess you can't make everyone happy. Anyway, thank you again for all you do and please keep up the good work."

- 411mania reader

411mania Plug

This week on I wrote all about the big WWE Smackdown LIVE to FOX news. I went in depth about all the details and monetary tidbits reported. Needless to say, HUGE NEWS! I cover everything on 411 - go check it out.

Johnny Survivor

I watch Survivor on CBS and have since the show started 684 years ago. It was cool when Ashley (from WWE) was on in 2007, and it will be cool to have John Morrison (from everywhere) on this Fall. It will be interesting if he name drops Lucha Underground (Mark Burnett connection there) or anything besides the vague 'pro wrestler' tag line. As for a EARLY prediction, I don't know how long he will last. Based on his wrestling promos, he does not have the greatest amounts of charisma and personality to win trust from his tribe mates. Plus, is he an actual fan of the program and follow the ins and outs? You DO need to know what the heck you are doing out there besides have big biceps and a nice smile. We'll see. My guess is his Goliath like braun will only get him so far before his other weaknesses send him packing.

Full disclosure: I am not a big fan of Johnny...but hey, if he does well, perhaps WWE gives him another chance for the publicity?


Raise your hand if you thought Raw was garbage this week.

Okay, put your arm down.

I didn't entirely care for the show. Everybody will focus on the Bobby Lashley skit but let's be real - THAT is what most of us expected last week anyways. We knew it would be terrible, and it was. Boo hoo. Big deal. It was ten minutes. Life moves on. The problem was the rest of the show. Stephanie McMahon being back to mess with Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax was my highlight. Also added into the mix is Natalya earning a Money in the Bank spot...hmmmm...interesting! Either way, Raw wasn't good. Who cares? There are some weeks that rule and some that don't. We will be alright.

That brings me to NXT from Wednesday night. If you didn't care for the wrestling product on Monday, guess what? There is another alternative to watch that is HIGHLY entertaining! That is the beauty of having a choice. You thought Raw sucked, cool. Watch NXT. This week was really good. From start to finish, everything made sense, and we even received a fun cliffhanger. I love that. As someone who tends to avoid spoilers, that makes the show that much better. Big props to NXT this week.

WWE Stock

Now up to $4.4 billion. There is a reason I write about all this financial mumbo jumbo ladies and gentlemen. Just six months ago, it was barely at two billion when before that, it was lucky to top one billion. Nearly doubling since late 2017, wow. All-time record worth for the company and showing no signs of slowing down.

Mae Young Classic II

Lots of discussion about Sasha Banks reportedly signing a new WWE deal. My response is "Good for her." WWE is the top of the game and anywhere else is a step down. The talent know this and if the offer was appealing enough, staying put is an easy decision. It might help explain why her feud with Bayley has been so start/stop/start/stop/start/stop these past few months. If a new contract was not locked in yet and the company was worried about her future, it could excuse the back and forth confusing story line. Either way, that is not the big female signing news within WWE right now.

The Mae Young Classic is returning soon, and oh my goodness, if only you knew! I teased it on Twitter, but get ready for a lovely summer...

Major Announcement

Last June, it happened.

This August, it's happening...again.


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