Wrestle Review: Late Night Musings
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 05/19/2018 at 01:16 AM

So, Smackdown Live is going to 3 hours and likely moving to Fox, huh? Do we really need two three hour shows per week? Add to that the monthly 3 hour WWE Network events and you have close to 10 hours of WWE wrestling on a given week. I love wrestling but my God! Also would a three hour Smackdown utilize talent on that brand that is usually backstage each week twiddling their thumbs or just sitting at home? I'd hope so.

When USA gets out of the wrestling business(you know it's coming), I assume Fox gets Raw and Fox Sports 1 gets Smackdown? You could put both Raw and Smackdown on Fox but I'd say one show would have a tough time fighting for a spot on a weeknight, much less two. It's easy for USA. They just show repeats of shows mostly. Well, except for the occasional original series that strikes gold for a few years.

Which of the New Day will be chosen for Money In The Bank? And will this create friction that finally breaks them up? I just think all of these guys could be great singles competitors. Kofi has already been a multiple time I-C champion and U.S. Champion. Big E is a former I-C champion. Think anybody remembers that? He was hanging with Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. Whichever of those three gets chosen though, they won't win.

I like the Eddie Edwards/Sami Callahan feud in Impact Wrestling. I get the feeling, however, that thee guys will end up being tag partners eventually. Eli Drake and Scott Steiner losing the tag titles this was week was an obvious sig that they're splitting up as a team soon. That really didn't last long. I'm thinking Tessa Blanchard's first feud will be against Madison Rayne. Even though Rayne is pretty much retired. She did commentary for Tessa's match this past week and was not exactly complimentary. Maybe Tessa's thing will be trashing retired wrestlers. Remember that angle Chris Jericho had a few years ago? Basically the same exact thing.

I usually write this column much earlier. It's midnight and I'm pretty tired. Seems like a pretty good place to wrap this up. Until next week....

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