Wrestle Review: So Money
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 05/11/2018 at 10:49 PM

If WWE were a game show, last Sunday's Backlash win vs Samoa Joe would've been Roman Reigns' consolation prize for losing to Brock Lesnar as many times as he has. Honestly, I don't see the appeal in having a champion of your show who only wrestles a few matches in a year. Is this boxing or wrestling? In the process of re-elevating Reigns, they also pushed Joe further down. Now, Joe is probably never going to be Universal or WWE Champion but still.

I'm not talking about the rest of Backlash because, honestly, the show was absolute crap. WWE must've known it also because on Raw, they went straight into Money In The Bank. MITB is my favorite non-traditional event. That's basically because we get a clue into who is going to be the next world champion.

There is one massive problem this year. What if a Raw guy wins the briefcase? When in the world will he cash in? Lesnar is almost never on Raw! And when he is, it's just for Heyman to hype up Brock's next victory. For this reason, I wish Miz was still on Raw. Heyman could be cutting a promo, Braun would be doing his typical prancing around with his s__ eating grin. Miz comes up from behind, locks his hands and BOOM! Skull crushing finale and new champ.

Alas, that can't and won't happen. Braun is in the match so it's almost a no-brainer that he win, right? That's why WWE won't do it. It's too simple and obvious. I'll be interested to see who else gets into the match. Then I can speak on it more.

I've not yet watched Impact from this week. I did read the results a few minutes ago, however. Last week, when Eli Drake announced he would cash in his briefcase for his world title shot in one week, I couldn't help but think of John Cena. Remember when John challenged CM Punk that he had one week to get ready for their match? That's a pretty obvious giveaway that the challenger is losing. Alas, he did.

Charlotte and Ember Moon have qualified for the women's MITB match. There is no word whether Charlotte's surgery to repair a ruptured breast implant will take place before or after the June 17 event. I'm also interested to see who else qualifies for this one.

Renee Young is doing some Indy stuff; signings, etc. It makes me wonder if what I read at the beginning of the year might be true: that Renee might be on her way out of WWE. I know, I'm speculating and they hate people who speculate.

Braun, Fin, Miz and Rusev at the first four of eight MITB participants. This is going to be a match where every guy deserves that case. I'm very interested to see who gets those remaining spots. Will they fill it all out next week or spread it out?

There is no off switch here. Things are going to get good!

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