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Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 04/27/2018 at 09:52 PM

I was anticipating the Greatest Royal Rumble and was only somewhat disappointed. I wasn't disappointed by the Rumble match itself. I'd heard Daniel Bryan might win but was secretly hoping Braun Stroman might win. Call it a mea culpa for not having him win the Universal Championship like he should've back in January. Now onto the rest of the event.

I'm just going to get to the disappointment right off the bat. I am SO SICK of Brock Lesnar being Universal Champion! I know I'm not alone. My thought was maybe they'd give Reigns the title and he'd lose it to Joe at Backlash. Plus, it'd be great to have Joe as Universal Champion. That could've happened if you had part-timer drop the title. Oh but wait, part-timer signed a new contract.

Roman wasn't the only guy to lose yet another title match. If you count the two loses to Jinder Mahal last year, which WWE probably wants fans to forget even happened, Nak has lost 4 WWE Championship matches. Oh, and he's getting a fifth at Backlash. Who is the last guy to get five world title matches and never go over? Will the fifth time be the charm? Remember when some fans were saying Nak just couldn't cut it in WWE? I like heel Nak but.....

Triple H vs John Cena was a great way to kick off the show. It was a tremendous match. I'm a little surprised Cena won. It honestly could've gone either way. I think the casket match was symbolism. I'm pretty sure Rusev's WWE career has just been buried.

I love that the Eater of Worlds are the tag champions of Raw. I love them as a team. I wasn't really all that surprised that the Bludgeon Brothers retained. They fall into my "who are their next challengers" category.

Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Daniel Bryan lasting 76:15 in his 4th match back after 3 years off. Absolutely insane! Daniel got eliminated by big Cass, which was a good way to further their story going into their Backlash match. Tuesday, Cass could come out and crow about tossing Bryan. Bryan comes out and we see what follows.

We have three days until we begin to find out what's next for the winners and losers of today. It's pretty obvious that neither world title feud is over. Why would they be? AJ and Nakamura have great chemistry in that ring. The same can be said of Lesnar and Reigns. Roman has Joe at Backlash. I know it's crazy to think Lesnar would be somewhere he doesn't have to be. It seems to me, however, that Brock wants to physically end Roman. But, they've had regular matches and they've had a cage match. What's next? Hell In A Cell?

It's not just that those two matches were a little unsatisfying. It's the way they were unsatisfying. AJ and Shinsuke battled to a double countout. Fine. The one I'm not fine with is the finish to the cage match. They decided to do the finish where Reigns spears Lesnar through the cage. Brock's back touches before Reigns' front so Brock wins. That's just dumb. I'm not saying that as a Reigns fan. I'm saying that as someone who is older than 2.

Moving away from WWE to TNA... I'm really enthralled in the Eddie Edwards/Sami Callahan feud. The involvement of Eddie's wife reminds me a little of DDP and Undertaker years ago. Edwards is just as crazy as Callahan it seems. That's what makes it fun. A little eerie but fun. Austin Aries turning heel again isn't a surprise. What is a surprise to me is Eli Drake and Scott Steiner as tag champions. They're like TNA's version of Matt and Bray. Well, nobody's quite like those guys.

What happens next, in either TNA or WWE, is anyone's guess. Sure will be fun to watch, though!

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