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Chant "Rusev Day!" as much as you can because it feels like he won't be around for much longer. Rusev has all the traits to be a successful WWE superstar. He is excellent in the ring and has the ability to entertain the WWE Universe on the mic. WWE continues to look past the Bulgarian Brute, so don't be surprised when Rusev says farewell.

Like most of the WWE roster, Rusev began in NXT. It took a few years, but Rusev finally found his footing in 2013. He was paired with his future wife, Lana. Lana served as Rusev's social ambassador. The two instantly clicked and would soon debut on RAW and Smackdown.

Rusev made his television debut in the 2014 Royal Rumble. He had a strong showing which opened the eyes of many important people in the WWE. With the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin in the world's consciousness, WWE decided to bring Rusev up as a Russian monster and Lana as his mouthpiece.

The Hero of the Russian Federation steamrolled everyone who got in his way. He demolished former World Champions, Mark Henry and Jack Swagger with ease. Rusev's dominance resulted in gold, when he defeated Sheamus for the United States Championship. With the United States Championship around the Bulgarian turned Russian's waist, no one was sure who could dethrone him.

Rusev defended his United States Championship at WWE Fastlane against John Cena. He retained by submission. Yes, the man who never gives up, officially gave up to Rusev in the WWE record books. The leader of the Cenation got his revenge when he brought his shovel to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Of course, John Cena needed to get his win back and more. Cena went on to defeat Rusev in a Russian Chain match and an I Quit match to let the world know who won the war.

The WWE dropped Rusev's first name after he made his debut on RAW. They didn't stop there. After losing his feud with Cena, WWE eliminated Rusev's nationality and blonde companion. It was time to find out if Rusev would sink or swim by himself.

After the break up with Rusev, Lana aligned herself with Dolph Ziggler. Rusev began dating Summer Rae on WWE television, which evolved into an awful feud with the two pairings. Even though the entire WWE Universe knew Rusev and Lana were a real couple, Vince McMahon split the couple on television.

The whole splitting of Rusev and Lana was never going to work. TMZ revealed that Rusev got on his knee and asked Lana to marry him. The famous photo surfaced online during their WWE split. This event infuriated Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon was aggravated that Lana and Rusev fell in love. According to Wrestling Observer analyst, Jeff Hamlin, Vince McMahon wrote Summer Rae's disparaging promo to kill the Rusev character. McMahon hoped that Rusev's character would be destroyed beyond repair.

It's crazy to think that Vince McMahon would want to damage one of his top young stars because he got engaged. No one will dispute that the timing was bad. However, Paige was guilty of some actions, yet she is the new Smackdown Live General Manager. Seth Rollins and Charlotte had their privacy invaded, yet they walked out of WrestleMania 34 with gold around their waist.

WWE placed Rusev in a stable with Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, and Wade Barrett. The faction didn't have a long shelf life. The League of Nations was designed because the WWE had no clue what to do with four upper mid-carders. It wasn't the first time that WWE left the fans scratching their heads, and it won't be the last. To this point, Rusev's WrestleMania moment was getting Stunnered by Stone Cold in AT&T Stadium.

The League of Nations eventually separated. Rusev turned his attention back to the United States Championship. Rusev defeated Kalisto with a vicious Accolade to regain the gold he once held. He was only a transitional champion because he dropped it to Roman Reigns a few months later.

During this time, Rusev and Lana put aside their differences and became an on screen couple again. They began to pick up steam entering 2017. Rusev's momentum was cut short before WrestleMania 33 for more than one reason. He suffered a major shoulder injury, which required surgery. He missed the biggest event of the year and wouldn't been seen until the summer. That wasn't the only reason. Rusev decided to cut his hair. According to, Rusev's new hair style resulted in heat on The Bulgarian Brute. Apparently, you must seek permission from Vince McMahon before getting on a knee and going to a barber shop.

While recovering from shoulder surgery, Rusev began to appear in recorded videos on Smackdown Live. He demanded that Shane McMahon gave him a WWE Championship opportunity at the Money in the Bank PPV. For whatever reason, Rusev was never granted a title shot. Not only that, he wasn't even booked on the show. If nothing else, Rusev deserved to be in the Money in the Bank Ladder match. The WWE decided to give Baron Corbin the important briefcase. Let that sink in.

Daniel Bryan is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He flies around the ring and keeps the fans on the edge of their seats. Daniel Bryan has an ability that only few possess. The "Yes!" chant is heard in arenas around the world. Ric Flair's "WOO!" chant Stone Cold's "What?" chants are timeless. Rusev officially joined that club when he proclaimed that every day is "Rusev Day!". He is great in the ring, entertaining, and gets a huge reaction from the fans.

The biggest chants at this year's Royal Rumble and WrestleMania was clearly "Rusev Day!". If you don't believe it, check it out on the WWE Network. If you don't want to pay $9.99 a month, ask WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He described Rusev as "organically getting over" and "people are buying into (his) gimmick" on his podcast.

There has been speculation about Rusev being unhappy with his position in the company. Can you blame him? For months, he has heard his name chanted all over the world, yet he was booked for the WrestleMania pre-show. WWE must of added Rusev to the United States Championship late for some reason. 75,000 people shouted "Rusev Day!" at WrestleMania 34 and WWE felt like Rusev taking a pinfall was the best way to capitalize on his momentum.

What was Vince McMahon and the WWE thinking when Paige was teasing A.J. Styles opponent on Smackdown Live? Daniel Bryan was a great choice. No one will complain about watching Bryan take on Styles on free television. At first, the WWE fans in New Orleans didn't chant for Bryan. They immediately cheered for Rusev. The fans are chanting for Rusev like they did when they forced the WWE to change the main event of WrestleMania 30.

During the past few days, Rusev has been active on Twitter. He asked the Twitter world, "Is it still #RusevDay?" and proclaimed "Enough is Enough". It was his latest tweet that raised some eyebrows. WWE announced that Rusev will take on The Undertaker at The Greatest Royal Rumble in a Casket Match. "Bury me softly, Brother" was Rusev's Twitter response to the match being announced. Rusev was also absent from the Extreme Rules PPV advertisement. The PPVs are cobranded, so something is up. It feels like the end is near for Rusev in the WWE.

Despite his best efforts, Rusev can't quite get the WWE brass to fully commit to his character. The deafening chants and top selling merchandise aren't good enough. There is no room for a young, funny, and extremely talented superstar in the WWE locker room. The WWE Universe has done everything they could possibly do to elevate Rusev. Vince McMahon is old, but he still has the ability to see and hear. If he doesn't open his eyes and ears, he will lose one of the most over WWE superstars in recent memory.

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