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Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 04/06/2018 at 10:38 PM

We have arrived at what is perhaps the best weekend of the year in wrestling. The best time to be a wrestling fan is no doubt now. We start with the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony tonight. We know the inductees. I've seen live pictures and it would seem like it's not exactly a full house. I'll watch later when there's a lesser chance of a freeze in Network viewing.

Tomorrow night is NXT as well as SuperCard of Honor just across the street. I'd love to see Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes. Alas, I'm not an ROH Club member. I wish they'd make prepaid cards for that like they do WWE Network. Oh well.

Gargano is fighting for reinstatement vs Ciampa. Honestly, I thought last time Gargano lost, he was headed for the main roster. Shows how much I know. I think newly acquired EC3 is winning the new North American Championship in the ladder match. If not, he'll certainly be feuding for the title afterwards. Ricochet is also in this match. A friend of mine is raising all sorts of cane because he believes Ricochet should've been able to bypass NXT and go straight to main roster. Honestly, I don't know a lot about Ricochet. I imagine he'll wind up on 205 Live, though. Wouldn't surprise me.

Undisputed Era v AOP v Strong and Dunne for the NXT tag titles. I thought AOP would've gotten called up months ago so I can't call this. Emmber Moon will likely beat Shayna Bazzler in defense of her title. Almas vs Black for the NXT title should be good, I was shocked Almas won the title in the first place. It wouldn't shock me, however, if Black won the title.

WrestleMania predictions:

With 3 kickoff show matches and 10 main card matches, we're in for a long one. Actually, I'd originally heard it was going to be a 6 hour show. I could understand over 4, but 6? We'll see. I can't pick the battle royals so let's move on. Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali for the vacant cruiserweight title should be good. Pity not many will care to get there to see it. I think it's time for Ali to go over.

Nia Jax should beat Alexa Bliss for the women's title. If she doesn't, that's just silly. That's my opinion, of course. I could see Alexa winning because of Mickie and there being a tag match at the next event. I want Nia as champion, though.

Who does Braun choose as his partner against Sheamus and Cesaro? Obviously we're seeing new champs but who? I say obviously because last WrestleMania we had a surprise team-ended up being the Hardy's and they won the titles. Plus, it's Braun. To have Braun lose a title match again would be absolutely idiotic. But who is Braun's partner? Big Show is looking good and is ready to come back. Cass is ready to come back. Reportedly, so is Joe. Bray Wyatt would make sense as they were in the Wyatt Family together. We shall see. Either way, new champs will be crowned.

Orton/Rusev/Mahal/Roode for the U.S. title should be good. I think the crowd will riot if Rusev doesn't win the title, though. I do think Rusev finally goes over and it will be a happy Rusev day for all!

Miz defending the I-C title against Seth Rollins and Fin Balor should be another good match. I'd love to see Miz move up in the longest reigning champions list but I think he drops it here. I was on the fence a few weeks ago. I'm thinking since Miz is a new father, he'll be granted paternity leave. That spells new champion. But who? Seth and Fin are both deserving. How about the loser goes to Smackdown in the next draft(which is probably in a few weeks)? Fin finally gets a title, I predict.

Uso's/New Day/Bludgeon Brothers for the Smackdown tag titles is going to be brutal. I'd hate for the Uso's to lose the titles but, good Lord, the Bludgeon Brothers are very impressive! Please don't give the titles back to the New Day. Yes, I enjoyed the Uso's/New Day war but new blood is needed. The Brothers win the titles.

Charlotte and Asuka...title vs streak. I heard an interesting take on XPac12360 this week about that match and I'm inclined to agree. The streak is broken and Charlotte retains. But wait, there's more. You do recall that Carmella still has that briefcase, right? Well, I think she picks the bones of the weakened champion and, boom, we have a new champ.

The in-ring return of Daniel Bryan teaming with commissioner Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. There's word going around that we could get a heel turn, whether it be Shane or Bryan. Both would make sense. The attack on Bryan could've been a smokescreen to throw Shane off, give him false confidence. Bryan turns on Shane. Or we go the obvious route of Shane turning on Bryan. XPac gave the opinion that Shane is too cemebted as a face. I don't believe that. A McMahon is a McMahon. It wouldn't shock me at all to see Shane turn.

Angle and Rousey vs Triple H and Steph should be another good one. It'd be hard to imagine Ronda losing her first match in WWE. Ronda is pinning Steph. The twist could come the following night, however, where I predict Ronda turns on Kurt, joins the Authority and Kurt gets fired as Raw GM.

AJ and Shinsuke for the WWE Championship should be a beauty! I think, in the end, Nakamura should finally win the championship. I mean, he had shots when Jinder was champion. He probably should've won one of those but it was too soon. It's time. I dig them both. I say we get a new WWE Champion Sunday. Speaking of new champions....

Brock Lesnar has left Roman Reigns laying for the past few weeks on Raw. The way it goes is when one guy leaves the other laying, the guy left laying wins. I know people get tired of Raigns but people are equally as tired of part-timer. Dana White basically let the cat out of the bag that Brock was coming back to UFC(as if we knew Roman wasn't winning anyway). Roman stands tall as WWE Champion as WrestleMania ends and the fans go home....happy? Happier to have a full-time champ, that's my opinion.

I've been anticipating WrestleMania weekend for quite awhile. Now it's here and I'm pumped! Enjoy WrestleMania, Supercard of Honor, NXT, all of it. It's a great time to be a wrestling fan!

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