205 Loss - WrestleMania Pre-show
Submitted by cams3107 on 04/02/2018 at 10:59 PM

The pre-show matches of WrestleMania 34 have been just announced at the time Iím writing this, and I must admit that itís bittersweet, because while two of those matches are pre-show material, one of them is not, and it marks the failure of another WWE brand.
Letís start with the ones that deserve to be on the Pre-Show: both battle royals. The Andre the Giant battle royal shouldnít be a thing anymore. Why you ask? Simple, because it doesnít really mean anything. First, and I know it has been said time and time again, but none of the winners have gone to have big pushes. If this match served as a stepping stone for new stars, then it would be alright, but it just creates a little bit of a push for a few weeks, and then nothing, back to square one. Second, the competitors are mostly people with no storylines, so even if you win, who did you beat? Mostly nobodies. Third, the buildup is always lazy for those matches. Itís just people going ďIím going to win the ĎDre (ugh) battle royalĒ. And fourth, thereís nothing on the line. Sure, there is the trophy, but itís going to be forgotten or broken in an angle the next day. Give them at least a shot at the IC title or something. I thought this year things were going to be different with the Andre documentary coming up, but alas, they were not.
Those feelings apply to the Womenís battle royal as well. Granted, the competitors in that one is are more respected by creative (because itís the whole division), but all the other points stand. That being said, I was shocked when thy announced that it was now a pre-show match. Being the first time they did something like this, I would expect a main card spot. I guess Moolah, Snickers and that lousy fallopian trophy killed that match. I feel bad for Bayley and Sasha, but not really for anyone else.
No, the one I really feel sorry for is the Cruiserweight Championship match. What a way to kill 205 Live, again. Itís clear they donít feel confidence in the brand, if they did, they wouldíve gave them a spot. How are the fans supposed to care about it if they are always relegated to the pre-show? And both Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander are amazing talents. Sure, they arenít necessarily fan favorites in the grand scheme of things, but you couldíve let them open the show, maybe they would get a following. If they arenít willing to give them a chance, how the brand is supposed to grow?
You know what match should replace it? The US title one. To me, Bobby Roodeís character doesnít work as a face, Orton has been on autopilot lately, Jinder is just there, doing nothing really worthwhile, and I love Rusev and Iím glad heís getting a match at Mania, but letís be real, he was shoehorned into that match. That match has nothing of interest to me.
I guess you could put the SmackDown Tag Title match as well, but the story theyíve been telling with the Usos makes it avoid pre-show status. And Iíve heard some people saying that Bliss-Nax shouldnít be in the main card either, and I completely disagree in that one. Niaís alliance with Bliss has been building up since last year, it is one of the best built matches in the whole card. So yeah, the US championship should be on the pre-show.
Maybe Vince changes his mind and let the cruiserweights shine in the main card, but Iím not counting on that. What can I say, Iím disappointed but not really surprised. But hey, Roodeís entrance is going to be stunning, I guess.
They put him in the main card just to show his entrance, didnít they?

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