Wrestle Review: How I'd Do It
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 03/30/2018 at 10:20 PM

WrestleMania is coming up and WWE is really cutting it close. Obviously, Vince has known for quite some time as to what his plans are for the WWE's Superbowl, right? Right?? We know the big ones. We know most of the little ones. Surely there will be more to come this Monday and Tuesday.

I'm not predicting the matches this week. Rather, I'll spend the WWE portion of this column laying out what I think may take place AFTER WrestleMania. For one, and this could be obvious for some, since Brock Lesnar is losing and leaving, I think Paul Heyman ends up being the advocate for Ronda Rousey. That's right. I imagine this week, Steph and Hunter add the stipulation that, unless Angle and Rousey win, Angle is fired as GM. Let's say Ronda gets the pin on Steph. The next night, Kurt is riding high until a low blow by Rousey. Steph then fires Kurt as GM.

If Reigns does indeed become Universal Champion-and he obviously will-he'll need a new challenger. They'll likely have a #1 contender match on the Raw after Mania. Let's say Samoa Joe returns and wins this match. This reignites the Reigns/Joe feud from last year. And who wouldn't like a Reigns/Joe Universal Championship feud?

That would be moot if Joe emerges as Braun Stroman's partner at WrestleMania. Whoever is pegged as Braun's partner, it should be a given that they will dethrone the Bar for the Raw tag titles. Braun and Kane = Monsters, Inc. Now that's a tag team! It'll probably be Lashley, though. Or they bring Hogan back. He is in WWE's good graces again. And there was that photo on IG of Hogan and Triple H at the Andre premiere. But I'm still pegging Hogan as Raw GM.

The I-C title picture is an interesting one. As much as I'd like to see Miz break that record, I don't think it's happening. What with Maryse just giving birth, I see Miz losing the title(I'll tell you which challenger next week). That'll be the last we see of Miz for a bit.

Like I said, I'm not predicting WrestleMania this week. I'll move onto Impact. I didn't watch last week so I watched two last night. We obviously knew that EC3 was in NXT so clearly he got the fired briefcase in Feast or Fired. Eli Drake got the tag title case. So, story goes he needs to find a partner even though he says he doesn't want one and can win the titles by himself. Sound familiar? Maybe Eli jumps ship and he's Braun's partner next Sunday. I kid.

I think the Rosemary/Taya Valkyrie thing is pretty cool. It's not quite the stalker vibe that Eddie Edwards/O.V.E gives off. That stuff reminds me of the stalker angle in WWE years ago in the Invasion years. Remember when DDP was stalking Undertaker's "wife" Sara? It's like that, for me at least. Their main event of Austin Aries and Matt Sydal(Evan Bourne) was a gem. Maybe Impact is starting to turn a corner. Hopefully.

Have you listened to any good podcasts lately. XPAC 12360, The Ross Report, Win Column Sports and Talk Is Jericho are some really good ones. I listen to them a lot while I'm on the treadmill. Most episodes are an hour long or a little more, which is prefect for my one hour run time.

I'll end my congratulating Miz and Maryse, excuse me, Mike and Maryse on the birth of their daughter. God bless!

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