Planet Kayfabe: Wrestlemania Season Mailbag
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Planet Kayfabe: 2018 Wrestlemania Season Mailbag

By: 'KCA' Paul Matthews | @PlanetKayfabe

Hello everyone you've once again landed on Planet Kayfabe. Greetings and welcome. Happy Good Friday and indeed it is a good Friday as Wrestlemania inches towards us, I decided to take a break from the norm with a mailbag column featuring questions from you as sent to me on Twitter, Facebook, E-mail... pretty much any outlet that doesn't require making actual physical contact with me. So, before the marathon of Wrestlemania has you screaming your safety word five pre-show matches in, here is the Planet Kayfabe 2018 Wrestlemania Season Mailbag.

Let's see how this goes as I sacrifice myself for your sins...

Jeremiah - @JeremiahSpewnes on Twitter: "How would you have booked the Cena vs Taker storyline since its a pile of flaming feces now?"

Pretty much anything other than having one of their biggest names ever be Cena's last resort just to be on the Wrestlemania card and having Cena's main tactic for convincing Undertaker to accept this challenge being childish name calling and meme posting. To me the intrigue of this feud largely went away when "The Streak" ended, but it's still two big names and should be bigger than this.

In storyline is there much of a reason for Undertaker to answer Cena? The whole story is Cena just wants to be on the Wrestlemania card and after spending all his other options he's been pretty much like "well... I might as well challenge The Undertaker even though I called him an old man with a bad hip a few months ago." It shouldn't have been that complicated. The story should have just been two big names that haven't crossed paths yet. Maybe do an Undertaker redemption story where he want to prove to himself that he's still a winner. It's generic as f***, but better than what they've done.

John - @jfd1965 on Twitter: "Do you see Strowman having a title run, and if so, how long?"
Yeah, but during a different time he would be winning it at Wrestlemania this year. I hope his 2018 is able to be as hot as his 2017 was. Sometimes they wait too long and miss the boat on the right time to give certain guys a world title push. However they're living and dying by making sure Roman goes over again at Wrestlemania. If he stays hot, maybe he wins at Summerslam, but who knows how long he'll be dancing in the Raw tag division if he ends up winning the titles at Wrestlemania.

Phillip - @Broncos1807 on Twitter: "Favorite Wrestlemania Undertaker match not including ones with Shawn Michaels or HHH?"

It's either Batista at 23 or Edge at 24.

"Most overrated Wrestlemania match?"
Not sure, but I wasn't a fan of Undertaker's last two with Triple H. Maybe it's because the Shawn matches where on another level -- I don't know, but I remember Jim Ross saying that Cell match at 28 was the "match of the year" and that's enough for me to say its overrated. At least the feud had a good theme song, though.

Rando - @RandoPatrick on Twitter: "What would you do with asuka after wm?"
I have her win and remain undefeated on Smackdown. I like the idea of Ronda going undefeated on Raw and having the two meet at Wrestlemania next year.

Whitney - @WhitneyLplus4 on Twitter: "Who do you think is deserving of a title run, but will continue to not be?"

Any title? Right now I'd say Braun deserves to be Universal Champion, but that's probably not happening for a while. After the draft, I'd like to see Becky Lynch move to Raw and get a women's title run. Beyond that, I don't have much to say. I like AJ Styles as champion and the rest of the titles are just kinda there right now. I'm fine with either Usos or New Day holding the tag titles. The Bar is just ok to me but the Raw tag division is nothing right now. Just one of the pitfalls of splitting the roster. You double the titles and split the star power in half this is what happens.

BOOST - @realbigdave98 on Twitter: "Who do you think deserves to be called up from NXT and who can u seen being a victim of spring cuts?"

It's hard to say who they call up. Past drafts have showed us it's a crapshoot. It's not like a traditional developmental program where you spend some time there and get called up when they feel you're ready. They more or less just call you up when they want to use you. There are guys like Samoa Joe who were in NXT for like 2 years and Apollo Crews was in NXT for like 6 months before being called up. I could probably see Ember Moon getting called up if I had to pick someone.

As for spring cuts, they've kinda moved away from that it seems and now they just let contracts run out. They haven't even cut Neville yet who walked out months ago.

Jay - @JayHiggs_13 on Twitter: "Match wise where do you rank this Wrestlemania?"
On paper it looks okay. In terms of quality I'm not sure if there's a match-of-the-year candidate on here but AJ vs Nakamura and Charlotte vs Asuka will have a shot if given enough time. Right now I'm most interested in Daniel Bryan's return tag match, which could still end up being the best match on the show and I'm sure it will get plenty of time since it's a Shane match, too.

Jeff - @fakejedega on Twitter: "Should haku/meng be in the wwe hall of fame?"

I have a whole column coming up on my thoughts on the Hall of Fame. Not just this year's class but the whole thing in general and why it's impossible to say who "deserves" to be in and who doesn't in a hall of fame that is really just an award show with no board of voters or set criteria for getting in beyond being on good terms with Vince.

Stefan - @stefanrosborne on Twitter: "With the women's battle royal nearly rounding out the equality revolution, what are your thoughts on a possible queen of the ring tournament?"

It would be cool, but Vince lost interest in the King of the Ring concept a long time ago, so I doubt it happens. At least there was the Mae Young Classic.

Jennifer on Facebook: "Do you think Daniel Bryan will wrestle full time after Wrestlemania or remain a part-time wrestler/General Manager?"

Based on his promo on Smackdown it sounds like he wants to wrestle full-time and he's tired of being the GM. I could probably see him working a Shawn Michaels type schedule where he's full-time but is given periods off

Brian on Facebook: "Do you think wrestlers purposely fart during rest holds?"

It's probably the oldest rib in wrestling history.

Sarah on Facebook: "Your favorite current wrestling theme and the first one you learned on guitar?"

My favorite current ones are AJ's, Baron Corbin's and The Bludgeon Brothers'. As for the first I learned on guitar, I'm not sure. It would have been something from the Attitude Era. Maybe Mick Foley's since it's just a simple 3 chord riff.

Chris on Facebook: "Best Wrestlemania of each decade"

80's -3
90's - 10
2000's - 19
2010's - 30

Joey on Facebook: "Do u think Triple H will ever take a WM off?"

Ha. Get used to it. He'll be working every Wrestlemania and be on every poster until he's Vince's age.

Richard on Facebook: "Will you appear on the Wrestle Mania panel?"

Uhh... If I get 1,000 followers on Twitter before Wrestlemania, sure ;)

Briana on Facebook: "Do you think there will be a women's tag title this year?"

Not unless they combine both female rosters and call up more women. There aren't really enough women to sustain a female tag division without it just being the same 2 or 3 teams constantly trading the title. The brand split has hurt the tag divisions that they have already and they have even less women so it wouldn't even be interesting if they did that now. It would just be the same few boring teams over and over having the same matches.


That's all for now. If you have a question you can tweet me @PlanetKayfabe and I'll respond there. Right now the plan is to do a mailbag column like this around the "Big 4" Pay-Per-View events so here's the first one for Wrestlemania season.

I'll be back during the week with my thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame and this year's class and my Wrestlemania 34 preview. Thanks for reading. Thanks for your questions. I'll see you here next time on NoDQ. I'm Paul Matthews for Planet Kayfabe. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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