Wrestle Review: He's Baaack
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 03/23/2018 at 10:21 PM

Tuesday afternoon, the internet was abuzz with the breaking news that Daniel Bryan had been cleared to return to the ring. There are no restrictions. That was put to the test quickly that night when Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attacked Bryan like they had done Shane a week prior. I'm certain this is leading to Shane and Bryan vs Sami and Kevin at WrestleMania. I know Shane announced Sami vs Kevin but we all knew that wouldn't be the final match.

More WreslteMania musings: Natalya defeated Charlotte on Smackdown Live this past week. This leads me to believe that Nattie will be added to the women's championship match, making it a, you guessed it, triple threat match. They're going to have so many triple threat matches this year. After the Ultimate Deletion match, what's next for Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt? Matt is without a feud. Will he be Braun's mystery partner? No way. Will they throw him into the I-C title match, make it a fourway and a ladder match perhaps? Doubtful but it's an interesting idea.

Bray, on the other hand, is in line for a character change. That is, in my opinion, LONG overdue. Perhaps he re-emerges after WrestleMania, gets drafted to Smackdown and reforms the Wyatt Family. They could keep the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick for Harper and Rowan. Maybe dress Bray up like them this time.

Big Cass has reportedly been backstage at Raw and is set to return. I'm calling the night after WrestleMania. That said, who does he go after? His only two feuds when he was a singles star are gone: Big Show retired last month and Enzo was fired months ago. Raw doesn't really have a big bully, or at least won't once Lesnar loses the title and departs post-Mania. Cass should be that bully heel. I hope they've worked with him and revamped him. His previous persona I don't think was getting anywhere. Also, Roman's going to need a Universal title contender. Big Cass?

Daniel Bryan's return was really the only reason to have watched Smackdown this past week. I'm not sure why but that show has been blah the past few weeks/months. Please, dear God(or in this case, Vince and Road Dogg), do something with Becky Lynch! Turn her heel if need be. Just do something! Isn't that what John Cena said in reference to Undertaker Monday?

Speaking of Cena/Taker, obviously the match will happen. Don't expect it to be spoken into words until possibly the Raw before Mania. I know that's cutting it close. Especially for the match that's probably going to co-main event the show. I say it goes on either last or next to last.

I'm two weeks behind on Impact Wrestling but I do know that EC3 got the "fired" briefcase in the feast or fired match. You think that was one of the best days of his professional life? "I'm finally out of WCW-lite"!

What will we encounter on the Road To WrestleMania next? What will the uncontrollable Sami Callahan do in Impact going forward? Will anyone watch? Okay, no more ragging on Impact...for this week, anyway. In fact, that's all for me this week. Until next week.....

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