Wrestle Review: How The Mighty Have Fallen
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 02/16/2018 at 08:22 PM

Remember when WWE split the shows, putting Steph in control of Raw and Shane in control of Smackdown Live? That seems like ages ago, doesn't it? I recall the debut of Smackdown Live. "The land of opportunity" was the tagline they used. Shane announced a returning Daniel Bryan as GM. It was great!

Fast forward to 2018. The magic has worn off. They implemented a weekly rankings system for God's sake! That wouldn't be such a stupid idea if it actually meant something. How about, instead of a weekly ranking, a monthly ranking. The #1 ranked individual gets the next shot at the championship. Instead, this past Tuesday we got a feud beginning over the premise of "I RKO'd you because you're ranked better than me and I'm mad", or something like that. It's all very stupid, in my opinion.

Also, SD had an in-ring vignette with New Day based on pancakes. PANCAKES! What in God's name has happened to this show?! I guess Raw is starting to become the better show again. Honestly, when I get finished watching Smackdown( i watch live 50% of the time), I feel a little dumber. Thanks, WWE creative). But if you really want frustration.....

I watched my recording of Impact last night. I'm glad Austin Aries has a world championship again. That's it. That's the highlight of Impact Wrestling. I continue to be amazed that this company is still in business. Oh, and their talent exodus continues. At some point, Bobby Lashley will be in WWE again. The guys up north just signed the former Mahabali Shera, real name Amanpreet Sngh. I'll bet you they pair him with Jinder Mahal. Just don't do the dancing thing TNA did, please.

Next Sunday is the Raw brand Elimination Chamber event. I'll save my predictions for next week's column. Although the winners of the chamber matches themselves are so obvious that I question even having a show between now and WrestleMania. But like I said, I'll save all of that for next week. Until then, enjoy wrestling. Don't read the spoilers. I'll be right back here next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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