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February 8, 2018

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Join Big G and I for another edition of Raw & SmackDown Talk. In case you were wondering what the occasional crinkling noise is, it is just Big G and his candy wrappers.

Here is this weekís NoDQ Review video with Aaron Rift, Big Vito, Jexy, and myself. We discuss all sorts of topics from Alexa Bliss calling Kurt Angle a sexist on Raw, to promos from the Miz/Elias/Usos, to who should be the sixth participant in the Menís Elimination Chamber Match, to the Undertaker and WrestleMania 34! My lighting seemed to flicker a bit, and it was probably TakerÖ

Enjoy this brand new poem called ďNoDQ ForumsĒ

Itís about time Aaron Rift finally did the right thing,
By making a moderator out of one powerful King.

That King is I, the new ruler of the forum castle,
I will be purging all the bad trolls, making their lives a hassle.

There are also a few corrupt mods still with too much power,
But Iíll soon take care of that from up in my ivory tower.

My detractors canít sleep at night until they think they get one up on me,
Iíll just keep pulling all their puppet strings, with assistance from TJS and Big G.

If you don't like me, you might as well quit,
Like Batista often said, just deal with it.

In closing, be sure to go clean your room,
Big Vito isnít messing around, and heíll smack you with your momís broom.

2018 WWE & NXT Major Event Grades
NXT TakeOver Philadelphia = A
WWE Royal Rumble = B

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