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Two columns from yours truly on as we speak with a third being posted within the next few days. First is my WWE Royal Rumble 2018 review. If you want to know my full thoughts on the event, head on over there. Second is yet another edition of Fact Or Fiction. Yep, I a back at it talking EC3 to WWE, Rey Mysterio returning, Bobby Lashley possibly wrestling Brock Lesnar, the legendary women wrestlers that appeared last Sunday night in Philadelphia, Jeremy Borash to WWE, and much more on the entire Ronda Rousey situation. All on NOW!

Austin Aries

Okay, the negative to Austin Aries returning to Impact Wrestling is that he was instantly given the World Title. In less than a minute against a guy like Eli Drake who was already struggling to gain some legitimacy in the company. Now he is just unseated in a throwaway segment and based on the spoilers I doesn't get much better. Hope he signs a new deal before summer.

The positive is that it seems like Aries is happy with his current situation and will make the best of a post-WWE career. Regardless of if he asked to be released or if officials got tired of him as has been suggested, that is the past. All the best to him working Impact, the independent circuit, and who knows? Another try at WWE down the road if he wants? Time will tell.

NFL Super Bowl

Last year, I correctly predicted a 34-28 victory for the Patriots over the Falcons. Yeah, I had the exact score. True story. This year, my pre-season pick was Patriots over Falcons in a rematch. Well, it is Patriots vs. Eagles instead. I was close. Nonetheless, my ultimate prediction remains the same: Patriots do it again and pull of the win. Somehow, someway.

As with the Super Bowl every year, the actual NFL Championship is not the entire focus. There are ads, commercials, pre-game stuff, post-game hoopla, awards, and of course the Halftime Show. This year, it features Justin Timberlake. I really hope he resists the urge to use too much Prince. Even if it is being done as a tribute to him and in front of his Minneapolis fans, please resist. Prince notorious disliked the idea or holograms or any kind of nonsense like that and for those who recall, I could have sworn JT even dissed Prince while he was still alive. Some phony Prince tribute now post-death feels a little hollow. I don't know. Maybe it will come off amazing and Minny will love it? Time will tell.

In any event, I am looking forward to it, as are the 100 million viewers that will also tune in.


That brings me to the main subject today: WrestleMania is right around the corner, and the road has begun. We were teased with it two weeks ago RAW 25 show, but things definitely got going at the Royal Rumble. The one constant with both shows was simple - WWE used legends and big names to bring a buzz to the company. Heck, we even had an XFL Revival press conference at the end of January.

Same with the NFL Super Bowl. Big names, big legends, musical performances, celebrities, top teams playing, etc.

That is what will draw in the 100 million viewers.

For instance, the AFC and NFC Championship Games just two weeks ago draw 45 million viewers. Obviously a MASSIVE number...but still less than half of what Sunday's Big Game will draw.

Going another step backwards, the other playoff games before that 20 million viewers.

Regular season from September-December? About 10-15 million for primetime games.

You see the pattern there, and WWE recognizes it as well. The "casual fans" that we often talked about in wrestling show up once a year. Maybe twice. Other than that, the audience is what it is. The diehards dive into fantasy football, the weekly matchups, the injury reports, trade market, free agency, training camping, and everything in between. Same with wrestling - the diehards will read the scoops, buy the dirt sheets, find all the classic memorabilia, and LIVE wrestling year round.

Super Bowl brings in 100 million viewers because of the casual fans...much to the dismay of the diehards who have to roll their eyes every time get asked "Who's playing again?"

Or "Where's Tom Brady? I know him."

That is just the way it is, and the NFL as a league makes a killing off the game through all the different revenue sources. Money talks.

WrestleMania is the same beast. Much to the dismay of the diehards, it is the casual fans that pack 80,000 fans inside a stadium once a year and boost WWE Network numbers for one night. We roll our eyes every time we get asked "Is The Rock going to be there?"

Or the predictable "Oh, that's definitely fake blood."

It may get annoying to answer to that kind of stuff, but hey - WrestleMania is the biggest event of the year for a reason. Why do you think Raw and Smackdown LIVE are not held in huge stadiums each week? It is the same reason an NFL regular season game with get 10 million viewers, while the Super Bowl gets over 100 million viewers.

The Super Bowl is not about football, and yeah, WrestleMania is not about wrestling.

Never has been.

Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to you...

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