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WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Preview

WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles: Tough call. What would I like to see? The Usos winning and continuing their great heel run. Who do I think takes it? Eh, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin kinda have to win or they have nowhere else to go. The duo can only lose so many times before getting shoved to the side for the next challengers. I don’t know. This tag bout is surely going to be really good, so quality won’t be the problem. The problem will be who is next in line for a championship story line. Rusev and Aiden English? The Old Day? The Ascension? The Bludgeon Brothers? Breezango? Play it safe and go with The Usos.

WWE RAW Tag Team Titles: Tag team wrestling has a good shot at stealing the show on Sunday. The WWE Title match is probably going to be more of a story than an actual bell to bell fight. The Universal Title triple threat is just a slugfest with a predictable outcome. With the tag bouts, not only are they both unpredictable, all four teams are more than ready to answer the bell. I am going to pick Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan to retain only because going to THE BAR once again just feels like a repeat. I have the same thoughts on The Miz with the IC Title. Yes, it had to get far away from Roman Reigns but back to The Miz? AGAIN? Fine. Back to the RAW Tag Team Titles, I don’t know where this is all headed, except that WWE has played the fans to perfection with Jordan. Well done. Champs keep the belts.

WWE Title match: I’m not feeling it. The Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn versus AJ Styles has been stuck in neutral for a month now. Ever since it started, things just never got going. The feud has basically been them wrestling on Tuesday nights…and Zayn prancing around Owens. Cool and all but not what I consider to be a WWE Championship level feud. The Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon dynamic adds some intrigue but not enough to save the “Co-Champions” BS. Styles will keep the gold to WrestleMania 34, where he hopefully faces off against Shinsuke Namaura – something I have been predicting since last year. It needs to happen. Really, there are no other options for the blue brand…

Universal Title match: No explanation needed. Brock Lesnar.

Women's Royal Rumble match: In some late breaking news, Stephanie McMahon is now going to be on commentary for this historic event. I don’t have any issues with that. However, I do wonder what that means for the outcome – if anything. It could be just as simple as raising the arm of the winner afterwards…or something more. Time will tell I suppose. That is the beauty of watching a television show, right? You never know. In being realistic, there are only three possibilities for WWE. Either Becky Lynch to battle Charlotte, Asuka wins to battle Alexa Bliss, or Ronda Rousey wins to battle Charlotte. As I have been writing about for awhile now (on another website), I am ALL IN on Rousey to WWE. That is instant money and is a surefire WrestleMania headline. Whether she debuts on Sunday or even appears for the blue brand (still perceived as the B Show), the timing is there. I am 100% convinced that the MMA star will show up sooner rather than later. Since Steph is going to be ringside, my spidey senses really are telling me it goes down in Philly. To play it safe though, my head is saying pick Asuka and be done with it. Undefeated, unbeatable, and the clear favorite. As for surprises, I’ll go with Molly Holly and Lita as the legends – exactly why they were held off Raw 25 on Monday. Then let’s say Ember Moon and Iconic Duo from NXT. Throw in Kharma and others, and you have one heck of a night.

Men's Royal Rumble match: Shockingly enough, I don’t have a lot to say here. The Royal Rumble is my most anticipated match every year, so my excitement is a 10 out of 10. The buzz in the air, the countdown clock, the importance, etc. Perfect way to kick off the Road to WM. I write about it more in this week’s 411mania's Fact or Fiction, so head on over there to read my full thoughts. Here are my quick two cents: Raw has barely hyped up the bout. Seriously, does anybody from Monday nights even care? The main focus has come Smackdown LIVE. Either that is a red herring or a clear indicator that for the second year in a row, the blue brand takes the Rumble. Sorry Roman Reigns. Sorry free agent John Cena. Your path to WM goes a different route. This road belongs to just one man. To the surprise of nobody, I am going with Nakamura. Been saying it for awhile and will stand behind it: AJ vs. Shinsuke at Mania is the easiest AND best showdown to promote. First Asuka, then Nakamura – come on WWE. Do right by these two. The women’s Royal Rumble match has some flexibility when it comes to a winner. Becky, Asuka, and Ronda all make sense. With the male participants though, it has to be Nakamura, right? Right?

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