Wrestle Review: The Leftovers
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 01/27/2018 at 02:26 PM

When writing an article, you occasionally leave things out. You'll write the column, press "submit" and later, sometimes a day or so later, you're thinking "I forgot to talk about that". This is one of those.

Maria Menunous announced yesterday on "Live" that she would be the guest ring announcer for the women's Royal Rumble match tomorrow night. I like Maria. She's done a lot of things in and for WWE. There's no question in my mind that she'll someday be inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame-and deservedly so.

Our long national nightmare is over. Enzo Amore has been fired. One would think they'd use the Royal Rumble to crown a new cruiserweight champion instead of having a meaningless "bathroom break six man tag. Oh well. How about turning that six-man tag into a six pack challenge where the winner is the new champion? Probably too forward-thinking for WWE. I think when Ricochet is ready, he's a lock for 205 Live and that championship. I know some won't like that but I just see him being there.

Speaking of Enzo, what happens when Big Cass finally comes back? I know they split but, if you recall, Cass was feuding with both Big Show and Enzo when he got injured. They're both gone now: Enzo fired and God knows where Show is. Do they send him to Smackdown and reunite him with Carmella? Or did they break up? I'm not caught up on Total Divas yet.

Since Matt Sydal beat EC3 for the Impact Grand Championship, it's likely Carter is set for a WWE return. "Return"? Yes, I said return. He was Derrick Bateman in NXT back in the day. I'm thinking he's a surprise entrant tomorrow night. I'm also looking at Batista and possibly Lashley as Rumble surprises.

I always loved the Royal Rumble since I was a kid because you never knew who you were going to see. I loved the anticipation, when the fans in attendance count down "3, 2, 1" and the shock/surprise when the horn goes off and the wrestler steps through the curtain. Now we'll get that excitement twice over with the addition of the women's Rumble. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. Now, WWE, please deliver! I have a feeling they will.

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