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NXT Takeover Philadelphia Preview

Velveteen Dream vs. Kassius Ohno

Kassius Ohno vs. Velveteen Dream is taking place this Saturday. T bout that has zero build but is very important for both men. Dream needs to get some wins at some point and while many will say the same for Ohno, I won't. The man is doing just as he was brought in to do. Have entertaining matches, be the workhorse for NXT and coach/help any youngsters on the roster that may need it. Ohno wasn't re-signed to be champion or take the spotlight. The Velveteen Dream though...that dude is a prince.

WINNER: Velveteen Dream

Lars Sullivan vs. Killian Dain

Want to know a secret? Shh, keep it quiet. Lean in real closely and listen carefully. Killian Dain may lose this match, but he is clearly held in high regard. The big man looked like a beast in the War Games bout and was one of the few special attractions in the Andre The Giant battle royal. Plus, the dude is right there with Sanity and looking like a real live monster. If there is a darkhorse to be called up to the main roster fairly quickly, it is Dain (and the rest of Sanity). Heck, I predicted Sanity would head to Smackdown LIVE last Falll. Then they went and won the tag titles in NXT, which completely shocked me. Long story short, Dain and crew may be treated as big deals, but Lars is THE big deal right now. Nothing is stopping him.


Extreme Rules Match: Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black

Adam Cole lost to Aleister Black in their previous meeting. That outcome was fairly surprising considering neither ended up as the #1 contenders tournament. Once it all played out, I suppose the move as logical. Still, Black has not had a good two months. Since his excellent feud with Velveteen Dream, his momentum has kinda stalled. Not completely but enough for it to be noticed. Lars is getting the rocket strapped to his back now, not Black. Is there room for both in the main event scene? Yeah, probably. Then you add in Cole, a returning Drew Mcintyre (if he goes back to NXT), and there is a crowded mess at the top. Guess post-WrestleMania call ups can solved that. Heck, I am not even thinking of War Machine coming in to decimate the tag team division and Ricochet showing up. Yikes! I will give the nod to The Undisputed Era's leader in a cluster of a brawl in Philly. Big night for the heels in NXT.

WINNER: Adam Cole

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Champion Ember Moon vs. Shayna Baszler

Can I pick a disqualification finish? Usually NXT stays away from the nonsense during their live Takeover specials, so that means there must be a winner. Tough call. Shayna Baszler is obviously a high priority. On the other hand, Ember Moon just got the title to take the spot of Asuka in NXT. Again though, which is more important? Like Black vs. Cole, it is a very difficult decision. My gut says we get a funky non-finish. My head says Moon to the main roster for the Royal Rumble with Shayna as the new dominant heel champion. We'll see.

WINNER: Shayna wins

NXT Tag Team Championship: Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish vs. The Authors of Pain

Yeah, I don't like the name Undisputed Era, hence the joke prediction. Great talent, great stable, great everything. Just the name...ugh. The Authors Of Pain have to be heading to RAW soon, right? They just feel like a perfect fit. The Bludgeon Brothers can be themselves on the blue brand, while War Machine can debut on NXT. A monster duo for each brand. Works for me. Champs retain. Since I have to fill space, let me just say that this Takeover special has been fairly lackluster on build. No doubt the event will deliver the goods. I just wish I was more amped up. Not feeling he buzz yet. Yet...

WINNER: Undisputed Error

NXT Championship Match: Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Johnny Gargano

You know who was treated as NXT Champion and fit the bill? Drew Mcintyre. You know who unexpectedly won the title and has barely been on air for two months now? Andrade Almas. Maybe it is strategic. Maybe it is due to scheduling conflicts. Maybe it is a part of a bigger part. Whatever it may be, since winning the gold in November, Almas has done next to nothing. His woman has been center stage (yay!) and been the focus. I suppose that is a wonderful thing for Zelina Vega and her career. For Mr. Cien? Come on, prove to the world you should have beat Drew two months ago! I want to see a breakout performance on Saturday. We know you can do it. The in-ring skills are definitely there. We have seen it many times. I want to see a CHAMPIONSHIP level match. As for the eventual loser Johnny Gargano, yeah, your former #DIY buddy will cost you the title. It sucks but is inevitable. The live crowd should be HOT for the screwjob. Just as Johnny Wrestling has it won...nope.

WINNER: Andrade Almas

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